It’s not every day that you meet somebody who loves animals as much as you do.

The Pinoy Pets Network logo

That’s where it all started. Connie and her kids are nuts about cats. I’m crazy about dogs. So what’s better than putting our blogging resources to good use and start a blog network for Pinoy pet-lovers?

What will you find on this site? For starters, we hope to bring you snippets of the latest entries from our member blogs. Right, we want this site to serve as a repository of links to anything and everything about pets. Another aggregator? Yes, with a huge difference though. We will never run your feeds unless you are a member of the Pinoy Pets Network and, as such, have agreed to have your feeds appear on this site. We respect copyright, you see. 🙂 Later on, we hope to provide more pet-related resources.

Member blogs get their own custom Pinoy Pets Network theme, and full reign over their blogs’ earnings. A network-wide ad system is still just a long-term plan at the moment. Because right now, our main thrust is basically throwing traffic to one another—thereby giving Pinoy pet blogs more exposure in the Philippine blogosphere.

Yes, I know. It’s basically more of an outreach project than a business one. Such a move would be difficult to understand if you don’t care much about animals. Life isn’t just all about money, you know. It’s good to think about other things other than yourself and your pocket sometimes. And in this instance, Connie and I would like to think about the little creatures that have enriched and continue to enrich our lives.

And we hope you would too. If you got a pet blog, we highly encourage you to join us. Let’s give our non-human friends a little time on the spotlight.

If you aren’t a pet-owner but loves animals as much the next person, do take time to visit the first blogs on our network: Pinoy Dog-lover, My Pet Hamsters, Piscinarii, and We love cats!