I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again: there really are a lot of memes going around. So instead of piling meme posts on this blog (I have done so much that I should be renaming Kutitots to “The Meme Blog” soon), I compiled these two tags I got from Aileen and Ely sometime ago.

Let’s start with the embarrassing one, then I’ll just redeem myself with the more serious meme.

So… What’s my funniest childhood memory?

It’s actually my most embarrassing one too. I’ve seriously considered writing about this (I honestly don’t want to turn off readers! Hehehe), but hey, it’s all in the past. And no, it never happened again.

I’ve been brought up in a family where laughter is a regular thing, so there were quite a lot of funny childhood memories back in my little chest of “what-have-beens.” But this one… Well, let’s just say this one really, and I do mean really, stuck to my mind. And my parents’.

I first had my period in my late childhood; I think I was about eleven then. I was lucky to have a mom to teach me to “clean up” after “changing.” Her first and most important lesson on feminine hygiene: never, and I do mean never, leave a used sanitary pad lying around in the bathroom. Why? Well, she said that it was like showing the person who sees your used pad your private part (after all, when you think about it scientifically, yeah, it did come from that).

Oh boy.

The Sacred Flower! Hehe

My parents had a small party and invited some of their friends over at our house—I was unfortunate enough to go through the day with my period. Some time in the evening, I desperately needed to pee and change my sanitary pad. But my sister was using the upstairs bathroom, and my mom the other one. So I was left to use the powder room, which was the same one my parents’ friends were using.

You see, my mom taught me that I should really wrap the used pad with the individual covering of the new one. That way, it’s secured, so no nasty smell would escape that much and would prevent the next person to use the toilet from seeing the used pad in the trash. Flushing it is out of the question, we didn’t have those high-powered toilet bowls so flushing would definitely clog our pipes.

Well, I think you now know where I’m getting at 😛

I placed the used on the sink right in front of me so I could unwrap the new one. Guess what happened? That’s right. I totally forgot I left it there.

I watched TV. I ate party food. When one of my parents’ friends entered the powder room, I suddenly remembered. Crap!

I hid behind the stairs and hoped against hope that maybe, my parents’ friend didn’t see the used pad. But he did. It was evident from the look on his face when he got out. Once he was far into the dining room with my parents, I snuck back in to rectify my mistake. No way I’d let another one see my used pad! One was enough.

And of course, I told my parents about it. Hehehe. They wondered why their friend was blushing so furiously when he got back to the table, and laughed so hard when they found out why.

Lesson learned: have presence of mind when using the toilet!

* * *

Now, it’s time to redeem myself with Ely’s tag 😀

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For both memes, I tag: Jun, Mae (ha! I’m tagging you for the funniest childhood memory!), Juned, Jayvee and Markku.