Nope, I haven’t forgotten the second part of our Coron Adventure 🙂 I do have to admit though, Plurk did get me a bit side-tracked. But really. I’m horrible when it comes to remembering names and places, so I waited for my other traveling companions to post about their experiences 😀

So, where was I? Ah. The second part of our trip! If haven’t read the first part yet, go here. If not, read on! WARNING: This post has a LOT of photos.

We started the day having breakfast at this carenderia near Crystal Lodge. Everybody ordered tapsilog while I had spaghetti and burger. I know, I’m boring. But I honestly wasn’t in the mood for something with rice (I don’t like eating heavily in the morning). As it turned out, I made the right choice. My breakfast was boring but at least it tasted good! Their tapsilog turned out to be unusual—I don’t think they enjoyed their breakfast as much as I did.

Anyway, after that, we did a bit of food shopping: for us and the fishes we’d feed. We were going island-hopping that day, and snorkeling too. From the plane, I was already awestruck at how beautiful Coron was. But getting closer to the islands was something else—words just aren’t enough to describe them.

See what I mean? Being a city girl since birth, I couldn’t believe that there existed such breath-taking scene in the Philippines. It was something like you’d see in a National Geographic TV feature, or a scenic shot in Chronicles of Narnia. The forests are untouched, the water clean, and limestone seamlessly merges the forests with the water.

Island hoppers! Ferdz the photographer not in picture though

Our first stop was the Skeleton Wreck. To be honest, I was quite iffy going there. It’s not that I’m superstitious or anything, but I just didn’t like the idea of swimming with the dead. Sure, the bones of those who died in the shipwreck were probably washed away or buried deep in the sand already but that’s just it—they died there. Anyway, I’m not one to pretend not to be scared when I really was scared, so I just let the boys do their thing and stayed behind by the shore and the boat for a dip. Nina stayed with me.

Docking at the Skeleton Wreck

Me by the boat. Thanks, Nina!

The water is so clear you could actually see the reef at the bottom.

We didn’t stay long at the Wreck, so much more to see! Next stop was Banol Beach.