I‘ve been meaning to blog this earlier, but Marc thought the weekend was the best time to format our hard drive and install a brand-new copy of Windows Vista. We wanted to get the Business version, but it was just way too expensive (Vista Home Basic is only about one-fourth of the cost of the Business version). Anyway,moving on 🙂

Buhay Coke ng Bloggers last Friday was actually my sister’s first-ever blogging event. Actually, it was the first party (with a lot of people) she attended with me (just me and Marc, and without our parents) ever since she got sick.

Joyce and me at the Buhay Coke party (thanks to Fritz and Juned for the pic!)

My sister is not used to big crowds, you see. A place with a lot of people usually made her feel rattled, uneasy. She’d been like that ever since her schizophrenia started. But, if you’ve met her last Friday, you’d see how much she improved. She’s still a bit shy being around a lot of people, but at least now she can handle it.

We were a bit worried about how she would react, to be honest. But, we had to give it a try. She had improved so much ever since we moved to the suburbs, so my dad thought that it was time for her to go to parties without him or my mom.

She wasn’t used to spending long hours chatting at parties (like Marc and I do), so we prepared ourselves to leave quite early. Joyce got a bit impatient after the program and asked Marc if we could go home. This was actually an improvement, you know—she usually wouldn’t last 10 minutes at party like that. So I guess that only meant one thing: my little sister enjoyed her first-ever blogger party.

We might bring her along once or twice again to parties like this where bloggers can bring non-blogger guests. Hopefully, doing so would help her get back to doing “normal” stuff again. About a year after she started getting well, we were only able to bring her to malls and movies. Now, she might actually be ready for parties every now and then. Who knows? Soon she might be able to go to school again 🙂