My husband Marc and I made a promise: we’ll take a year or two exploring the country before really settling down and expanding our family (which basically just consists of me, him, and our spoiled little Shih Tzu). You see, being the apple of my dad’s eye, I haven’t really traveled much before I got married. He wasn’t a strict dad, but he gets paranoid with worry whenever I brought up the idea of traveling alone with my friends. I wasn’t a rebellious kid, and I understood (I’d probably worry about my kid too if I was in his place), so I just waited until I got married and my dad can’t complain anymore about us traveling all the time since my husband is around to take care of me anyway 😛

In a span of one year, Marc and I have traveled quite often. Probably more often than I ever did during my teenage years 😀 Juggling such travels with work makes it even more exciting—keeping us sane and inspired since we don’t get cooped up in our home office far too long. One of the Philippine destinations I’ve wanted to visit is Batanes.

I’ve heard a lot about Batanes. I’ve seen pictures of rolling hills reminiscent of the Sound of Music (or, if you’re carrying a buttload of ancient cameras like Juned was, a reminiscent of the Lord of the Rings LOL). Either way, merely seeing photos of Batanes’ green pastures and pristine beaches, I can’t help but feel my domestic travel adventures won’t be complete without seeing this flourishing nature for myself.

Scenic Batanes shamelessly stolen from Melo Villareal

By next week, I will have my own photo of Batanes to post in my blog. I wouldn’t need to steal from Melo anymore (oh, that photo was stolen with his consent, so if you’d like to use it, contact him first). Thanks to SEAIR, Marc and I will be joining our favorite travel buddies—Nina, Eric, Melo and Karla—on an exciting adventure to the Philippines’ northernmost province. Hopefully, I’ll have more materials for my newly created travel blog, Filipino Traveler.

Oh, didn’t I say? I now have my own travel blog! 🙂 It doesn’t sport a custom theme yet (for once in my life I used a WordPress theme downloaded from the official Theme Repository). I’m just a bit busy, but hopefully I’ll have its design up before the end of the year. Do visit Filipino Traveler when you have time! 🙂