It’s funny, there are times that even though I have free time in my hands, I still don’t blog. Work keeps me busy—there are times when I don’t even have enough time to cook for my husband—but there are also instances when I’m able to take a walk with my dog or sprawl on bed watching TV. I don’t know, maybe I just don’t feel like blogging at times. And honestly, I frequently get this feeling that I have to exercise caution on the things I write about here in Kutitots, my very own journal.

Sunrise Sunset

You see, I have quite a number of responsibilities that hinder me from simply putting down my thoughts. And I’m not talking about time being my enemy, nor am I talking about stress. There are just some certain things in what I do (both my business and volunteer work) that I require me to practice restraint in blogging.

Yes, it’s a self-imposed censorship. But it’s necessary. I really can’t just shoot my mouth off about every topic that come my way, or any thought for that matter. Credibility relies on it, not just my own but the business or organization I’m working for as well. Word spreads fast nowadays (a lot of things have been blown out of proportion), and little misunderstanding could greatly affect the things I worked so hard for. I don’t want to risk something like that, especially when I know it’s not only me who could get affected by my actions.

I have a lot of drafts in blog’s dashboard that remain unpublished. Even up to now, they sit there, just drafts. There are already about 20 of them, I think. I write things down when I’m upset, but I let myself calm down before hitting on PUBLISH. That button is a powerful thing, don’t you think? One push of it, and you could lose more than your credibility. One simple push, and you can start an uproar in the blogging community.

I miss the good old days. But this is bound to happen. We just need to exercise a bit of caution.

Happy Easter, everyone.