Fasten your seat belt!

14 August 2010     •     2 Comments
Daily Dose

That’s what my husband usually hears from me as soon as we get into the car. He’d usually roll his eyes at me, but knew better than to argue. I’m a really, really insufferable nag when it comes to car safety. The car seat belt is my best friend. But then again, it would be yours too had it once saved you from going through the wind shield.

Wearing seat belts didn’t used to be an implemented law here, if you guys can recall. I remember parts of my childhood when cars didn’t come outfitted with the compulsory seat belt. It was actually a “special feature” that had additional cost. Some time later (I can’t remember if it was during my elementary or high school years), the government started having this campaign on using seat belts because of the rise in vehicular accidents.

I had to admit I was one of those who grudgingly followed that law. And if I could get away with it, I wouldn’t have fastened my seat belt. After being so used to sitting without one, the seat belt felt so constricting. I couldn’t move around as I used to. My dad, being the safety freak he is, gave me long, boring sermons on road safety just to get me wear one. I didn’t like spending the trip going to school listening to my dad’s monologue, so I just obliged. But that changed… Obviously 😛 Read more

The perfect crime

19 April 2009     •     3 Comments
Daily Dose

Is there such thing?

I’m a sucker for crime and detective shows. I enjoy all three CSI TV series: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: New York and CSI: Miami. Heck, I even like watching Numbers even if I totally loath solving math problems. There’s just something “satisfying” about watching shows where detectives almost always solve the crime.

This made me wonder. Does it happen when somebody not only gets away with murder, but no one is actually aware it even happened? Is there such a thing as a perfect crime? Read more

Our first suburban Christmas

28 December 2008     •     4 Comments
Daily Dose Family Stuff

I have always been a “city girl.” Katipunan Road, to be exact. I lived along Katipunan Avenue, Blue Ridge ever since the day baby me was allowed to go home from the hospital after my mom gave birth to me. I studied at Miriam / Maryknoll College for preschool, elementary, and high school; then took up BS Communications Technology Management at the Ateneo de Manila University—schools situated along Katipunan Avenue. The schools I went to were just less than five minutes away, so I never really had the need to stay in a dormitory. Simply put, I’ve been rooted to Katipunan Avenue for as long as I could remember.

Christmas in the suburbs

It’s hard to believe that this year, we just spent Christmas in the suburbs of Antipolo. Read more

Let’s celebrate our Independence

12 June 2008     •     7 Comments
Daily Dose

I usually have a lot of things to say, but at the moment, I’m so not in the mood (my brain is still in vacation mode, unfortunately). So any thought regarding Philippine independence I will just reserve to those who do want to think about it 😛 One thing’s for sure, I’m glad we’re free—and free to travel and protect our own natural resources. Yep, I’m still in Palawan mode. The beauty of Mother Nature that I saw in Palawan is something I can’t help but be proud of—I’m proud to be Filipino.

Happy Independence Day!

A weekend adventure in Busuanga Island, Coron, Palawan (Part 1)

10 June 2008     •     18 Comments
Daily Dose

It’s hard to believe that Marc, Eric, Nina, Ferdz and I were enjoying the beautiful Palawan forests and waters just yesterday (thanks, SEAIR!). I keep imagining that I’ll see boats parked outside my window, or that I’d hear kids splashing into the water. How I wish I was back in that humble lodge in Busuanga.

Reality check: I need to get back to work 🙁 But before I do that, allow me to share with you our weekend adventure in Palawan!

Our trip had been a real adventure (not the usual “just lounging by the beach and staying at a resort kind of thing”), one post just won’t do it justice. I’ve got so much photos and experiences to share, so I’m separating our adventure in Palawan in three parts. Read along for the first one! Read more

Mental illness in the Philippines

4 March 2008     •     21 Comments
Daily Dose

The past few days have been a whirlwind of events. It’s overwhelming how things can change in such a short span of time—it’s like you haven’t got time to even think about it. There are a lot of big things happening here at home that I can’t talk about just yet (but I will soon), but there are also some things that I can—one that pertains to a friend and mental illness.

Just a few days ago, I found out that an old friend of mine was starting to display symptoms of a mental illness. I haven’t talked to her myself, but another friend of ours called me in the middle of the night in panic, telling me that something was seriously wrong with our friend already. I resolved to find the contact number of my sister’s psychiatrist (who was pretty good in my opinion… After all, my sister became ok under her care) and pass it on to my friend’s mom—my dad lost it when he accidentally deleted the contact numbers in his mobile phone 😛 My sister was scheduled for a checkup soon anyway, so I thought, what’s a few days right?

But no, I was wrong. Read more

When it rains, it pours

12 July 2007     •     17 Comments
Daily Dose Tech Things

I first heard this saying (if it actually is a saying) in the first episode of Desperate Housewives season 2. I never really saw any significance with it (except that it sounded cool), until yesterday.

I actually have a different post prepared for this blog already, but because of the “pouring,” I had to content myself with a new and different one instead. Read along, and you’ll understand why.

Yesterday, I started my day like I always did: turn on the PC on my way to the bathroom. But that “morning” (which was two in the afternoon for normal people) was different—the PC won’t turn on. I tried a few more times with no success and reseated whatever connections could be reseated, didn’t work, so I woke up my tech support-turned-blogger-and-house-husband before I even brushed my teeth—yeah, I still had dragon breath. He was pissy, not because I woke him up with my breath stinking like hell, but because I woke him from his beauty sleep. Usually, a marching band can’t wake up Marc, but after hearing me say that the PC won’t turn on, he was out of bed immediately—he knew from experience that I wouldn’t bother him with PC troubles unless it was really serious.

And so it was. Read more

The consequence of justice

8 July 2007     •     2 Comments
Daily Dose

I got to admit it: I’ve been an insufferable sarcastic witch for the past few days, not to mention a delinquent blogger. I guess stress of work is really starting to get to me—the rejuvenating effects of our free massage session at The Spa (a college buddy gave Marc and me gift certificates each as a wedding gift) only lasted for a couple of days.

I’m not one to praise Philippine National Police or the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA), having hearsay knowledge about under-the-table deals and unusual circumstances, but I do believe in giving credit when it’s due.

You see, our subdivision is a relatively peaceful area. The only times when we were really rattled were during Coup d’états, since our place is just a biking distance away from Camp Aguinaldo. You can just imagine the panic we felt hearing the sounds of guns during the uprising against former President Cory Aquino—I even remember our family fleeing to my late great-aunt’s home in BF Homes before the war got worse, and how my sister and I clung on to the family dog in fear as our parents, late grandma, and house maids scurried back and forth to pack valuables to bring with us to the “safe zone.” Read more

Women from Venus, Men from Mars, and Krispy Kreme from Greenhills!

22 June 2007     •     11 Comments
Daily Dose

There are times that sometimes I feel like I’m a freak of nature, being able to pass up “girly stuff” without being a stereotyped lesbian. I don’t like spending hours on make-up (well, I’m allergic), and I particularly like “boy sports” like basketball, soccer, baseball and track instead of girl-dominated ones like volleyball (sorry hon hehehe). I only go to the bathroom to pee. And I say what I want directly instead of resorting to hints that some girls usually do with their boyfriends.

college friends

Well, I guess that’s what I get for hanging out with four boys almost every single day in my college life. Read more

Only in the Philippines!

12 June 2007     •     2 Comments
Daily Dose

And here’s another meme! (There seem to be a lot going around lately…)

Post card back view

Read more

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