And here’s another meme! (There seem to be a lot going around lately…)

Post card back view

Post card executioner Philippines

Who would have thought Juned’s birthday giveaways could turn out to be so interesting? Anyway, Markku had this brilliant idea of starting a meme out of this peculiar post card.

The post card (yes, it’s a totally genuine post card!) is a parody of an execution in the turn-of-the-century Philippines. Why a parody? Well, I highly doubt people would be smiling at something like this 😛 It’s quite disturbing that of all the things one can make out of a post card, they had to choose an execution scene. Ah well. I guess we Pinoys just like making jokes out of anything, even this! 😀

Today we celebrate our 109th year (do correct me if I’m wrong) of independence. In those times, we probably won’t be able to joke about something like this.

Your turn! Here’s how the meme works:
1. Download the scanned front and back of this postcard and resize to fit your blog
2. Write anything that will put some sense into this very old postcard
3. Title of post should be “Only in the Philippines!”
4. Tag five fellow countrymen 🙂

You’ve been tagged: L.A., Poell, Mae, Pierre, Michael

Bato bato sa langit, ang tamaan, wag magagalit!

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

If you can’t open my zipped file, you can download Jayvee’s version from his blog or the images from Juned.