Nokia N96: The most expensive phone I ever owned (so far)

8 October 2008     •     10 Comments
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I turn 27 today. Shopping is usually an ideal gift for women my age, but not me. I don’t get into “latest” trends (which my husband, Marc, equates to “seasonal spending”) or spend much on stuff that would be useless after a few months. I’m practical that way, but like any other person I do have a spending weakness: gadgets! 😀

For my last birthday, my husband surprised me with an early birthday present, a Wacom Intuous 3. He knows how these things make me swoon and regress to childhood. This year he went a step further. Marc got me the most expensive phone I ever owned for my birthday: a brand-new Nokia N96.

I only had my eyes set on a Nokia N82, which I got to play with a bit from the demo Nokia had during the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards Night. You can just imagine how I almost peed on my pants when Marc said we should just get the N96 for me since I’ve been such a hard-working wife anyway 😀 Read more

Birthday gifts for a birthday boy

13 December 2007     •     8 Comments
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Marc’s Crumpler bagMy husband, Marc, just turned 27 today. As usual, he didn’t let (and didn’t like) people to know. He just went on a day trip for a client meeting with a friend, who had absolutely no idea that he’d be sharing his car with a birthday boy. I really don’t know how he managed to keep that to himself (I always made sure my closest friends remembered my birthday! Hehe). And to think he had kept on reminding me of his upcoming birthday for two months.

Marc had managed to weedle out two “advanced birthday gifts” from me: letting him buy a Nikon D40x and a ludicrously expensive Crumpler camera-laptop bag. It’s a good thing we already have Paypal here in the Philippines—I was able to get my blog earnings way earlier than cashing in checks, so I didn’t feel too bad about spending that much for a ludicrously expensive bag. I’m going to keep on repeating it’s ludicrously expensive because I really think it’s ludicrously expensive. Read more

One year older…

8 October 2007     •     9 Comments
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It’s weird thinking about your age after you’ve gotten married. I just turned 26 an hour ago, but I can’t help but feel time is running so fast. 22 years ago, I was just wondering how it felt like to be 12 years old and to finally have boobs.

Yeah, now I have boobs, but I’m starting to wonder how it would be like if I turned back time and re-did the things I regretted doing, starting from age four.

What if I could? Read more

An early birthday present

3 October 2007     •     14 Comments
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Five days from now, I’ll be turning 26. I haven’t really thought about how to celebrate it—I just have a lot of work to do—so maybe I’ll just have a quiet dinner with family and some old friends.

I honestly find it a huge relief to be able to blog again. I’ve passed up quite a lot of blogger and press events for the past month (damn, I so wanted to go to the Interior Design exhibit that Blooey invited me to, going there would have given me cool ideas when we finally have the funds for a house renovation), and I still haven’t gotten my usual monthly movie fix. I just don’t have the time. It’s a miracle I even found time to breathe 😛

A week ago, Marc was starting to pity my sorry state. Or maybe he felt guilty, since I still found time to cook for him regardless of my uberly busy schedule (in fairness, he’s the one doing the laundry). He finally admitted to me what he said to Abe when they were scouting for a laptop more than a month ago—he wanted to get me a Wacom Intuous 3 for my birthday.

Since I’ve been such a hard-working good girl, my husband bought me an early birthday present: Read more

My husband, the birthday boy

13 December 2006     •     8 Comments
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Marc, my fiancé husband, turned 26 today. He’s a 26-year-old angel, you know. Well, sometimes he’s not-so-angelic, but regardless of which, I can still be more evil than he is. I guess that’s why we work so well together—we’re total opposites.

I’m not much of a superstitious person, but the circumstances on how Marc and I met were a bit strange. This sounds really cheesy, but really, for some reason I feel that it was meant to be (geez, just a bit more cheesiness and I’ll be turning this blog into one of those omigod-he’s-so-cute pinky dear-diary blogs).


Seriously though, if you’ve already met me and Marc at the same time, you’d see the difference. You’d probably hear me talking the entire time you’ve been drinking your coffee, but you’d be lucky to hear more than 5-minutes’ worth of talking from Marc. Probably even less than five minutes.

I’ve heard some friends telling me that we usually end up with somebody who somehow reminds us of our parents. It’s a psychological thing—I don’t really know how to explain it, I’m not a psychologist, after all. Marc is a bit like my dad in some ways.

Both are incredibly patient, and shy. Dad wasn’t much of a talker either, well, not until my mom had the stroke at least. My mom usually did the talking, and it was only recently did he become the one who talked because Mommy couldn’t. They were both scrawny when they got married (Dad only put on weight when he got older), and both of them married bitches haha. Dad and Marc also make me feel safe and protected. But regardless of all these similarities, they’re still different. Dad is Dad, Marc is Marc. And I love them both. In different ways, yes, but I do love them both.

Before we got married, I endured major teasing from my friends: “sigurado ka na ba dyan? (are you sure about him?).” There was also one person who has tried to make us doubt each other, but we just laughed it off. The idea of one of us messing with the other because of money was just ludicrous (don’t ask me where this guy got his insane ideas, but hey, we have to accept the fact that there are a lot of crazy people in the world running amok like a chicken with its head cut loose). Marc is kind, but he’s not a fool.

We’ve gone through a lot together already, there were even some things that don’t normally happen to most people but did to us. Those people and circumstances only brought the two of us closer to one another. I know we’ll be “stuck” to each other for the rest of our days, but contrary to bitter people’s belief, we’re both happily looking forward to this lifetime together.

I thank God for giving me Marc. Happy Birthday honey dears! 😀

Busy bee and Daddy’s birthday

4 August 2006     •     2 Comments
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I’ve been as busy as a bee again the past few days. I had to take care of some invitation orders and SheeroMedia projects, not to mention completing wedding requirements. Marc and I have FINALLY completed step 1 of the Church requirements, by the way 🙂 Now we’ll just have to haul our asses to the required seminar. Ugh. I can’t wait to get this stuff done. Really, it’s more fun planning little details like caterers and all that than filing marriage certificates and getting documents. Whoever said marriage isn’t easy wasn’t kidding! Oh wait, I think that one meant being married, not GETTING married. Nonetheless, it’s the same 😛 Both aren’t easy!

Yesterday was Daddy’s birthday. Happy birthday, Daddy! We had work to do, so my sister and I just bought Dad a Peking Duck from our invitations earnings. Well, we didn’t TECHNICALLY buy it, Dad was the one who went to the restaurant (we got the Peking Duck from Chinatown’s Best Food in Banawe… A bit pricey, but really good), we just paid for it. I think Dad really deserved this treat. We’ve gone through a lot over the past few years, and he went through crap more than any of us. We even got to the point that we considered selling our property (there are actually pretty good reads on renting or buying property up at La Jolla real estate, you might want to take a look if you’re considering renting or buying property), but thank goodness we got through that.

Ah well 😛 It’s the thought that counts right? Anyway, as soon as we’re not too busy with work anymore, we’ll have a late celebration at a restaurant with Lola Polly.

Work can such be a hindrance to eating out 😛

Happy Birthday SHEERO!!!!

25 April 2006     •     7 Comments
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Happy birthday, Sheero! Happy birthday, Sheero! Happy birthday, happy birthday…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHEERO!!!!

Happy Birthday SHEEWEE!!!

It’s my dog’s birthday today! 🙂 I don’t know yet what I’ll give her, probably some munchies. Dogs are easier to please, you know. Unlike people, they don’t care what you give them, as long as you give them something to munch on. Heck, they don’t even care if it’s their birthday! 😀 Anyway, even if Sheero doesn’t know she just turned three today, we’ll give her something.

Happy Birthday, Joyce!

2 January 2006     •     Comments Off on Happy Birthday, Joyce!
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A very happy birthday to my little (but physically larger than me hehehe) sister, Joyce! I hope you enjoy your day! )

Happy birthday, Marc!

13 December 2005     •     Comments Off on Happy birthday, Marc!
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Happy birthday, honey!!! ) I love you. Mwah!

Birthday presents

18 October 2005     •     Comments Off on Birthday presents
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I told you I wanted to do this topic justice, and create an entire entry about it.

Ok, I admit. Call me sentimental, but talking about what I got for my birthday makes me a bit teary-eyed. They’re probably the best presents I ever received.

Marc got me a pair of funky earrings, and spent the entire day with me. My dad cooked one of my favorite dishes: Sweet and Sour Pork, just for me. He cooked it for lunch, but I was asleep because I had to work late the night before, so he kept it in the fridge for me until I wake up. They didn’t even touch it, because they said it was my dad’s gift for me. My sister gave me a homemade card. She’s still not as OK as before (she still laughs over nothing and does some pretty weird things), so our maid helped her with the card. My mom gave me pastries that were given to her (she wasn’t allowed to eat them, but she didn’t want to part with them either so I was really touched she gave it to me).

So maybe we’re broke. It’s a real drag seeing our earnings go straight to medicine expenses, but hey, we’re happy. During my birthday, my mom cried without pissing me off. Crying has become a habit for her already, and it can get pretty annoying. But on my birthday, I understood why she cried. She had a reason to, a REAL reason to. She was crying and saying sorry to me, and gesturing to the pastries she gave. My dad and I knew what she was saying: she was sorry that it was all that she can give me. I told her to think nothing of it, I’m already 24, I have a job, and I should be the one treating them out. My dad and I didn’t want my birthday to be one sad cry-fest, so he helped me tell her not to be bothered by it. There are people with the same birthday as I do, but unlike me, they don’t even have anything to eat, let alone have pastries and sweet and sour pork.

What my mom doesn’t realize (but I’m sure my dad does) is that this is probably the best birthday I’ve had in two years. Two years ago, we spent my birthday at my grandma’s wake. I was her favorite granddaughter, so losing her a few days before my birthday was extra painful. Then last year, I spent my birthday only with Marc, Mommy, and Dad. Joyce, my younger sister, was admitted to the Metro Psych facility at that time. We weren’t allowed to see her, because that time was a critical period for her according to her psychiatrist.

Maybe I’m just a simple person, but really, this birthday was way better than those I’ve had during the past two years (and years before that too, because at that time, we really couldn’t celebrate due to the simple reason that Joyce was still very violent). Or maybe that I’ve gone through so much that my priorities have changed. I guess that really happens if you’re suddenly plunged into an unavoidable responsibility. When I really think about it, I don’t really have to do this. I’m earning enough to be able to live comfortably on my own with my three dogs, and have more than enough for leisure that most people my age would love to brag about. But I choose not to. I choose to stay here with my family, and help my dad through this financial crisis. My dad really isn’t obliging me to stay, but I honestly don’t think I’ll be able to live with my self knowing that I left my family in such difficult times. It’s my choice, and I’m pretty sure this choice will lead me to something good, somewhere along the way.

Ok, enough drama. I’m starting to feel guilty for spending Php3,000 on my hair again. I only spend that much on vanity once a year (specifically during my birthdays). Marc said that I deserve to treat my self at least once in a while. Maybe I do, but STILL. 3,000 bucks for hair tint, highlights, and haircut. My friends say it’s already a good deal, considering how thick and long my hair is, but I still feel guilty spending that much on vanity. Marc said that I should consider it my birthday gift to my self, and it’s an occasional (if not rare) treat I give my self for the work I’ve been doing. Maybe he’s right. I guess the only reason I felt a bit bad about it afterwards is that I should have bought that way cool Thermaltake aluminum casing instead. Well, I’m weird that way. Or maybe I’m just too practical. Hehe. It bugs me whenever I spend on something that’s not beneficial to my job in some way. My hair has absolutely nothing to do with my job. I really can’t see a practical reason for it, but I got to admit spending on vanity for once felt good. Maybe that’s what Marc wants me to do and feel: do something brainless and vain for a change. Too much work and thinking too much about work can be bad for one’s health… and sanity.

Speaking of brainless jobs… I gave my dogs a bath last Sunday. They were PISSED, especially after I started locking them up in the garden to dry off. I think for once they actually felt that they were dogs, not pretend-humans. Anyway, they got over their bad moods when Dad had Marlyn (our maid) cook fried chicken wings. They were back to their old sweet AND cunning selves (not to mention sun-dried furs), trying to weedle chicken scraps from us. Well, they totally forgot they were given baths! LOL.

That’s it for now! See you.

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