I turn 27 today. Shopping is usually an ideal gift for women my age, but not me. I don’t get into “latest” trends (which my husband, Marc, equates to “seasonal spending”) or spend much on stuff that would be useless after a few months. I’m practical that way, but like any other person I do have a spending weakness: gadgets! 😀

For my last birthday, my husband surprised me with an early birthday present, a Wacom Intuous 3. He knows how these things make me swoon and regress to childhood. This year he went a step further. Marc got me the most expensive phone I ever owned for my birthday: a brand-new Nokia N96.

I only had my eyes set on a Nokia N82, which I got to play with a bit from the demo Nokia had during the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards Night. You can just imagine how I almost peed on my pants when Marc said we should just get the N96 for me since I’ve been such a hard-working wife anyway 😀

I’m still in awe. Really. I can’t believe I can actually watch MTV live on my mobile phone. Not to mention the movies and TV shows I can store in its 16GB internal flash memory.

So far, I’ve been playing around setting up my internet bookmarks. I played around taking photos and videos at Trinoma Mall this afternoon when I first got it, so now I’m more fixated on blogging (ok, fine, and Plurking) using my phone. I still got lots of features to explore (N96 is a far cry from my retired Nokia 5300). This phone is definitely going to keep me preoccupied in the coming days.

I’m not as gadget-literate as husband is, but I do know I should be a proud owner of a such cool phone. This effing N96 cost us Php40k, SHIT, it has to be cool (at least for now when its market value is still high) or I might end pulling every strand of my hair till I go bald and green 😀