Dammit. I’m beginning to hate getting mail. Not email, mind you, but BILLS through mail. I’ve been paying our household bills for quite some time now, but I don’t think I’ll ever get used to seeing them. Marc even said that getting household bills is beginning to affect my moods too. He knows how to predict when I’m about to have my period (I get awfully cranky), or that I had a lot of work to do the night before and haven’t had any sleep. And now, another thing gets me pissed off enough to affect my mood for the day: BILLS!!!!!!! Oh well, as they say… That’s life!

Mommy is undergoing physical theraphy now, and there’s lots of improvement. She can actually say longer sentences that make sense. Though she can’t still walk, she can sit up in bed by herself now. )

I’m having my teeth repaired… And just had two extractions today. Arghhh… It hurts (

Sheero, Harry, and Choknat haven’t really done anything glamorous. They’re still their happy, loyal selves. Still keep me company every where I go.

Sorry, that’s it for now. I’m still pretty busy with work. I’ll be back soon… Maybe even with a version 6 of Kutitots! ) Bye for now.