No, I’m not calling myself “Mommy” now and saying that I’m back. My mom IS back, back from the hospital I mean.

Mommy can’t walk yet, her right side of the body is still very week. That’s actually what was affected by the second stroke she had in the hospital. But there’s still hope. The physical therapist said that she can still gain back her old strength through therapy in two months or so. That is so good news for us.

It’s not easy seeing Mommy this way. When she needs to sit up, I have to practically carry her. Dad usually does that, but I had to do it myself thrice or more today because Dad was busy fixing up the room where my Mom was going to stay. The first time I had to help her up, she cried. She saw how much difficulty I was going through, and she knew deep down that she had brought this upon herself due to her chain smoking and not listening to the doctor’s advice. I didn’t say anything. I don’t need to say it’s her fault, and I don’t think I want to. I can see that she’s really guilty about what happened. I mean, even though she couldn’t speak properly, she tried to tell us that we’re going to spend a lot on her medicine by pointing at the paper where the doctor put down everything that she needed to drink (they’re around 8 medicines I think). When we asked her if she’s worried about how we’ll pay for it, she nodded. You can see she was crying.

I’m going to apologize in advance now to the people emailing me or asking me for help in Flash. Sorry guys. I’m going to try my best to respond or help you when I have the time. I’m going to have to work double-time now, and be extremely busy. I need to work on as much projects as I can to help out here at home. What we’re spending on medicines is no joke, both my sister and my mom require expensive ones. I’ll probably still blog once in a while, I’m going to need an outlet you know ) What I can promise though, is that I’ll reply to emails everytime I get a bit of free time. )

I relaunched my portfolio site, New design, and much easier to update. Pass by if you have time.

I gave Choknat and Harry hair cuts. I wanted to give Sheero one too, but she didn’t want to. Kept squirming and won’t stay put. I guess she thinks the little boy doggies’ cuts were ugly. Hehe. I’m no expert! Anyhow, they still look cute. Hehehehe they look like “poodles” now! ) I’ll post photos when I have time.