Do you sometimes feel like just pouring everything out in your blog but can’t due to the simple reason that you know a lot of people are reading it? I’m not saying that Kutitots is popular or anything of that vain stuff… Far from it actually. It’s just that I know who gets to read my blogs… Not the general public, mind you, but the ones who know me personally. As in, offline personally. Like relatives, for instance. Sometimes it’s just way too weird saying stuff here that I’m pretty sure my relatives will be able to read. And what’s even weirder is when they mention something about your personal site or blog when you see each other.

That’s probably one of the reasons why Marc and I don’t really do the usual sappy greetings online like some people do in their blogs (I think there are a lot of you bloggers out there who do that! Hahaha guilty! LOL). Marc’s really much more concerned about what his friends will say, not merely what my relatives who read my blogs and see my site. Obviously, he wouldn’t mind having them see how much he cares for me right? Well, it’s usually like that… You gotta have at least a good impression with the family that you’ll be marrying into some day. Anyway, as I said, he’s more concerned about his friends who will tease him… Or rather, WAS concerned about what his friends will say.

Marc really surprised me, you know. I would never have thought he’d do that. He left me a message on my Flash guestbook telling me that he loves me. I was sure it was him because we were in YM when he said that he left me a message there. I’m really very happy that he did that. Thank you, Marc, I really appreciate it. And I love you too. ) Some quarrels break people up, but some can make a relationship stronger. And I’m glad it was the latter.

Anyway, moving on before people reading this begin puking at my sappiness…

Let’s get on my favorite subject shall we? My dogs )

Kutonbol, one of my sister’s dogs, had her labor yesterday… It was sad actually. She only had one puppy, and it was dead. She still tries to feed it even if it was dead. She wouldn’t let us take away her pup to bury it in our garden cementery. She just wanted to keep it close (

Patatats, my mom’s favorite dog, might be having HER babies soon. Sheero still has a couple months of pregnancy before she has her labor.

Whew. We’re going to have so many moms and newborns here soon. Anyone want a pup? Adding another 8 or so dogs to our already 14 dogs will probably end up having our HUMAN family starving to death. LOL.