I used to be one of those people who used to work during the weekends. I spent Mondays to Fridays working, and slave away the weekend as well… That was when I started to notice my creativity dwindling. It’s not really that surprising… I mean, who wouldn’t get drained with that kind of setup? I may be working freelance (in other words, during my own time), but my workload is making it seem that I’m working more than just one regular job. So that’s when I adopted this “no work on weekends” policy, for both my sake and my clients.

This policy has been easier to implement lately, since our company, SHEERO Media Solutions Group Inc. was officially incorporated. And it’s doing me and my work a hell lot good… I’ve been having less of those “creativity blocks”. So now it’s the weekend… Marc and I will probably have dinner out, or just hang around the house to save money. Or maybe we’ll just work on personal sites like this one. Hehe. (Yeah, yeah… I’ll finish the missing features on the Flash version soon! LOL). Regardless of what I’ll be doing… It’s still the weekend!!!!! Weeeeeee!!!!!! I’ll get to rest properly )

I’ll probably take Sheero for a walk if it’s not raining… I swear, I can’t seem to go out of the house lately without getting drenched. Anyway, I have no doubt Sheero is pregnant now. Her tummy is bigger than usual (no, it’s not the worms.), and her boobs are swollen. You know, I’m really contemplating on having Sheero get an abortion… Now, don’t go ethical on me. Ever since her babies last mating season, Sheero has been neglecting her puppies… And after a while of Sheero’s neglect, the pups died one by one. Not only that, but I also noticed that Sheero’s health diminished after she gave birth and during her pregnancy (which is happening now too). The vet advised me before to have Sheero abort the pups, but I guess I never really gave it much thought till now. Oh well. I think I’d better really think this through first.

I think Harry now thinks that he’s really a human, not a dog. He doesn’t sleep well if there’s no pillow under his head. That wouldn’t have been a problem, but it’s becoming extremely hard to go to bed with him kicking my neck when we’re sleeping (just because I’m occupying pillow space that is rightfully mine in the first place). Hehe. As Marc said, my little furry creatures think that my bed is their dog house, so I’m no longer the owner of it.

Choknat… Well, he’s still gay D