Not just pissed off beyond my mind, but severely disappointed as well.

I was so looking forward to having cable internet installed last Thursday. I waited for the cable people to arrive, eventhough I should have been sleeping at that time (I work at night). So they went here. They did some stuff on the cable outside, took around an hour at least. Then guess what? The service apparently isn’t available yet. Argggggh!!!!!! The cables we had were only one-way, meaning, it’s only for cable T.V.

I felt like crying, really. Even the cable lineman felt sorry for me. So I guess he was indeed sincere when he said he will follow it up with their Engineering department.

I called up their customer service and got this lazy-sounding guy on the line. When he asked me to repeat my story, I almost lost it. He wasn’t listening, apparently. I suppose the only time I got his full attention was when I sounded really pissed off already. Who wouldn’t? I was sold a “product” that wasn’t even existing yet, and this guy who was supposed to be doing something about it must have forgotten to drink his morning coffee, or just needed to have his brain come back on earth from space!

Anyway, I got the explanation. Apparently, there were indeed actual plans for installing cables in our street. It just wasn’t implemented yet due to the rainy weather. Somehow their sales department got news that it was already implemented. In other words, they had departmental miscommunication.

Oh well. As they say, that’s life. Anyway, at least I have a compensation: they’re going to prioritize installation of the cable on our street. The sale girl I talked to (she’s actually nice, you know, and was really apologetic about what happened so I didn’t have problems forgiving her), called me up again today and said that their department is following it up with their engineering, and would likely have the cables up next week. Well, that’s good news. So I told them I won’t refund my payment anymore, and just wait for the installation. See? I’m nice too. Haha.

Anyway, life goes on…

Looks like Sheero will be having her pups soon. She doesn’t hang out with me as often as before, she’s usually missing from computer room when I’m working and sometimes she doesn’t sleep beside me. These things usually happen when she’s looking for a nesting ground.

I got a bit annoyed at Harry and Choknat yesterday. I haven’t had any sleep on Thursday, not even an hour, so I was too tired to work on anything last night. For once, I turned off the lights in my room at night. My three dogs were sleeping on my bed with me. Harry and Choknat must have really been enjoying their sleep, for only Sheero accompanied me to bathroom when I had to pee. All three of them usually do, but these two were too lazy! When I got back, they didn’t even move an inch! They were both sleeping soundly with paws up in the air. Oh, well. So much for loyalty. Hehehe.

Lily: I’ll take your word for it and give you a dog! D I’ll email you when the pups can be given away.