I saw this feature in the Disney Channel (Yes, that is one of my favorite channels) about Disneyland Hongkong. I soooooooo want to go!!! The rides look so much fun, and they said they even have stuff there that can’t be found in other Disneylands. Marc and I have been planning to have our honeymoon after we get married in the States, or even Europe, but now I think I may want to go somewhere near. Hongkong wasn’t one of our original options due to the simple reason that I’ve already been there before… But they didn’t have Disneyland when I went there with my grandma years ago. )

I’ve tried to back up all my data this weekend using CDROM disks. Darn. I used up almost more than half of the CD spindle I bought. I never knew my files had already reached up to 10GB… And those are just work-related files, no personal data whatsoever. Anyway, Marc and I got a powersupply and a SATA drive yesterday. It seems to be more practical to just store it in another drive as backup than waste a LOT of CDs.

Anyway, Harry has been in a funk lately. Yesterday, when I was working on my computer doing the backup thing, Harry came running to me immediately followed by my sister. Joyce said that Harry has been annoying her dog Whitey. Harry just looked at her, hurt, while under in the corner of my desk. Anyway, Joyce really got pissed at him for his dramatics so she left. Harry must have felt guilty. When my sister came back to give me the coffee she made for me, Harry went out of his hiding place, jumped at her and started cuddling up to her. Well, I guess that’s his way of saying sorry!

It’s funny how dogs can be so full of drama, don’t you think? I’ve always been one to believe that animals have their own personalities, and this really shows on my dogs.

Oh, speaking of dog personalities… I think I really just have to accept the fact that Choknat is gay. It’s just so abnormal… All of our male dogs here don’t care about Sheero’s or Patatats’ puppies, but Choknat does. He even goes to the point of taking Sheero’s pups from her nest and “cleaning” them up. Sometimes we even catch him IN the nest, lying down like a mommy dog feeding her pups. I’ve been thinking of writing to the Animal Planet or something, but I guess I know the answer already. There’s no denying it, my dog is gay.

Sheero on the other hand… Well, when I really think about it, she doesn’t seem to be a bad mom as my sister and I think at all. She’s just torn between her duty as a mommy dog and as my companion. When her babies are sleeping, Sheero would go where I am, and sleep beside me. If she hears her babies cry, she’d immediately run back to her nest… So my Sheero is still a good mommy dog, after all. )