I really hate this so-called “double standard” that exists between men and women. Yes, my friends, regardless of countless protests women made in the past, it still exists.

I strongly believe in equality, knowing fully well that I can be as smart as any regular Joe out there. I can be as capable. I can be as skilled. And I really, really hate it whenever “some men” think that they can do something I SHOULDN’T do.

Take relationships for instance (yes, it all boils down to that). Men are “allowed” to oggle at barely-clad women. They feel it’s “normal,” it’s “nothing.” But when WE women do that to barely-clad men, it’s considered TABOO. When you do that, they are ALLOWED to get mad at you. But if THEY do that, you are supposed to keep your mouth shut. Regardless of the fact that you feel women shouldn’t be used that way, like some kind of “playthings.” I’m a woman too, and WE SHOULD BE RESPECTED.

Yes, I will keep my mouth shut. So shut that this PERSON would think twice before doing that again.