I’m no longing croaking like a frog… I’m now barking like a dog! Ugh. I think I had a mild asthma attack yesterday. I was coughing like a barking dog (irritating my dogs in the process, they left my side!), and felt like I couldn’t breathe. I don’t think I’ve had an attack since college. Oh well. I’m still breathing, and still alive…

I saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie, by the way. I must say, this one was a definite improvement from last year’s Prisoner of Azkaban, which practically had a separate plot from the book on its own. The Goblet of Fire stayed true to the book as much as possible (with some exceptions), and yet, it wasn’t as “duh” as the first two movies. Mike Newell, the director of this year’s Potter movie, was definitely able to capture the book’s essence and yet was able to give it his own touch. I do hope he directs again! So yes, for me, the Goblet of Fire is the best Potter movie hands down.

Our meeting last Monday went fine. Marc made me bring a hanky, so I didn’t cough phlegm or whatever all over our foreign partners D

I bought Sheero a dog cape after Marc and I saw the Goblet of Fire. I think Sheero liked her pink sweater better, even if it does make her look a bit freaky (Marc’s words, not mine). Animal House was having a sale, Marc left me there to wait while he paid his household bills, and I wasn’t able to resist buying something for my doggies. I bought them chew toys and a bag of doggy Beef Chips (which they absolutely enjoyed). Sheero’s dog cape wasn’t a waste even if she didn’t like it. Choknat was more than willing to wear it. Harry too, but he’s just too fat for the cape (the belt won’t close around his big stomach! LOL).

Oh, yeah. I finally receive the free ticket and the additional ticket I requested from the Philippine Web Awards committee. The event’s on November 25 at the Meralco Theater in Pasig. Marc requested for a sick leave then so he could accompany. I wonder who else is going? Oh well… I still hope there’s food! D

Sorry if this blog entry doesn’t have much of a direction. I’m honestly still not feeling too well. (