Kutitots didn’t get the Best Web Site award for Personal Category, but this guy did. A lot of eyebrows have been raised with the decision, but guys, cut him some slack D As early as this morning I’ve been getting emails about it… Thank you guys, I very much appreciate the support. But really, you don’t need to ruin your mornings over it. ) We did good (yes, I’m including you guys. Without your support, Kutitots won’t be here), and we know we did good—we can sleep soundly at night knowing we did our best.

The emails I’ve been getting from people who support Kutitots (especially the idnignant ones, teehee) make me feel like I’ve won. Thank you again. Now I can understand how Harry felt in the book version after the first task of the Triwizard Tournament, when he and Ron became friends again and Ron reacted furiously at Karkaroff’s biased scoring on Harry’s behalf:

“But Harry didn’t care, he wouldn’t have cared if Karkaroff had given him zero; Ron’s indignation on his behalf was worth about a hundred points to him…” (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, page 360, American Edition)

I can’t thank you enough guys! ) It would have been great if I got the 10k cash prize (it would have made paying bills easier! LOL), but that’s ok. Your show of support is more than enough for me. )

There is something I AM pissed about, and this time, I would like to be bold enough to ask for your support again. I felt really insulted, not to mention, humiliated: Kutitots wasn’t even mentioned as a finalist when the presentors were giving the rundown of nominees. They were about to show the screenshot of my site, then suddenly, it was minimized. I was expecting that the presentors would AT LEAST say the site’s name, but no. They didn’t even acknowledge it. If it was indeed a technical difficulty, they should have at least apologized that there are technical difficulties and Kutitots is also one of the finalists. But they didn’t. It was as if they suddenly changed their minds that Kutitots is a finalist. What’s so difficult in saying, “Sorry, we are having problems with our presentation. However, Kutitots is also one of the finalists” ? That would only take a few seconds.

Marc and my friends have all advised me to raise this concern to the PWA committee. And yes, I definitely will. If anybody out there knows the contact email of the PWA chairman, I would really appreciate it if you tell me. As Errol puts it, PWA should treat their nominees with respect, and what they did was really uncalled for. An acknowledgement would have been enough, but no. They didn’t even bother.

I was insulted and pushed to the side just like that. We all know that politicking is rampant in the Philippines, but that was ridiculous, not to mention extremely insulting. That was actually the main thing that irked me at that night’s events. Who would want to humiliated that way, anyway? Ok, so maybe there was technical difficulties… So I should have just sat there and make it seem that my site isn’t an official finalist? No way. My site’s name may have been in their program and their site, but, in my opinion, having it mentioned as a finalist in the Awards night itself gives it more formality. It’s different. So you can imagine how I felt when they didn’t even mention my site.

I guess the only highlight of the event (for me, at least), was being able to meet the people behind the sites. Ella’s my friend, but we rarely see each other (I think the last time I saw her was last December). She had been telling me about her luvie, Aram, even before they got together, but I have never met him until last night. FINALLY! Hehehe. Sorry girl! I totally forgot your gift again. HEHEHE D Looks like I’ll be giving you two gifts this Christmas!!! LOL

I was finally able to see Bel last night again too. Haha. Last time I saw her was with Ella last December as well, and that was MEMORABLE. At least this time when I met Bel, Marc’s car didn’t get hit by a brand-new Jaguar (seriously). Well, since we haven’t seen each other for a while, we probably spent more time chatting than actually watching the program. Marc was sitting between us before the program started, but eventually switched places with me ‘coz I think he found the chit-chat around him distracting D Lakas kasi ng boses mo, Bel! Wehehehe.

I saw old faces, but saw new ones as well. Finally met Jeff, who had this uncanny resemblance with the guy beside him (sorry, I forgot the name). I thought they were brothers LOL. I also met Doc Ronibats, Aaron, and Boom with his girlfriend. I really had no idea Marc and I were already sitting beside Aaron and Boom outside the theater if they didn’t recognize me. I’m really horrible matching faces with names (always been my problem). Roni came shortly after that. Harhar. Again, it wasn’t me who recognized him (I REALY got to do something about this abysmal memory of mine ahaha). Anyway, Marc and I sat with them on the same row during the program. It was really nice talking to them. ) EB tayo ulit! Hehe.

Anyway, that’s that. Oh, and yeah… I will be doing some changes to this site… Watch out for it in January )

For PWA pictures, just visit Aaron’s blog. I forgot to bring a camera. D

Have a nice weekend everyone!