Well, for me at least. 🙂 But before anything, I’m sorry for disappearing… I’ve been really sick the past few days. I had such a horrible cough you’d think it was tuberculosis (no, no, I don’t have tuberculosis). Anyway, I’m feeling much better now so I’m sort of back in sync.

Going back… I remember years ago (I think I was around 12) that my cousin, Joanne, and I were drooling over Disney characters. Yeah, we’re sickos. Haha. Well, if you knew our number 1 choice, you’d think we’re weirder. And from the looks of it, my Disney hot babe preferrence still hasn’t changed. You’ll know how weird we were!

Here goes…

Number 3: Max, son of Goofy (A Goofy Movie)
You read it right, I think Max is a cool teenage hottie. Notwithstanding the tendency to snort when laughing, there’s something about him that’s suave and well… cool. He’s like the homey, boy-next-door with a touch of playfulness (remember A Goofy Movie?), making him my number three Disney hottie.

Number 2: Diego, the Saber-tooth Tiger (Ice Age)
This is a more recent preferrence. I haven’t talked to my cousin in a while, but since we have similar tastes in Disney characters, I think she also find Diego hot too. Admittedly, Diego sounds a bit like an old man. But there is something about the way he walks that is extremely attractive. There’s also something about him, with his witty comebacks and brooding presence. He’s just the right combination of a kind, friendly tiger with the right amount of danger about him. The recent Ice Age movie even shows a hint of his vulnerability (his fear of water), and the strength of his character of being able to overcome these hurdles. To be honest, I really think Diego is the Disney character with the most internal struggles—he was torn between his survival instincts and his love for his friends. That characterization was also shown in Ice Age 2… What makes Diego a hottie? He’s mysterious, brooding, and you’ll never know when he’ll pounce on you. Roarrrrr!!!! 😀

Number 1: Simba (The Lion King)
Our all-time favorite Disney babe: Simba! My cousin and I have always thought this lion was a hottie… The first time The Lion King came out, we were drooling over him haha. Told you we were sickos. 😀 Let’s start, shall we? For one, he has a sexy voice… It’s a common joke among my previous colleagues at the call center I used to work for two years ago that when a customer has nice voice, there’s a huge chance that you would rather just listen to him than look at him (mean, I know. Hehe). But Simba, he’s different. He doesn’t only have a sexy voice, he’s hot too. Have you noticed the gorgeous way his bangs fell into his eyes whenever he shook his golden mane (sicko, I know! LOL). And his proud stance (when he’s not running around like a fool with Pumba and Timon at least)… Makes him more deserving the English throne than Prince William will ever be (oh, my, Prince William fans are out to get me!!!). One look at him, you’ll know he’s royalty—sexy royalty. The best thing about him (and this quality, I have to admit, is the quality I look for) : he’s sweet. Unlike Diego, he’s not afraid to show his feelings and affections. And that makes him a winner for me.

You’re probably thinking, “how sick are you to even THINK like that?” Well, screw you. 😛 I’m an artist, and I appreciate art. I can definitely tell you that these characters are truly works of art. I mean, come on… Why are these three ANIMALS much more attractive than Prince Eric, Capt. John Smith, Aladdin, Beast turned Prince, and all the other male leads in Disney movies? That’s a question you might want to ask yourself. WHY the animals?

These animal characters where MEANT to be hotties. The storylines clearly showed that. But it was the way Disney was able to bring them to life that made them even more attractive than the male human characters. I suppose it’s because they’re animals and the need for their “human” characterization is much more needed than those who already have human forms. Regardless of which, the fact that I find them a hell lot more attractive than the other human characters just goes to show how effective Disney’s characterization of them really was.

Oh and yeah… Put those three Disney hotties together, and you’ll have a glimpse of my fiance’s personality—minus the tail, whiskers, and fur, of course. Having those qualities were what attracted me to Marc in the first place… Ok, I’ll stop now before I lose focus and this entry gets too sappy for words 😀