No, I don’t think so. I gave Harry and Choknat haircuts a few days ago. The poor dogs where practically driven mad with the summer heat (I know I am). Their furs are pretty, but they just don’t do well in this kind of weather.

Of course, I took pics to compare them with their “then” pics.

Harry THEN
This was Harry BEFORE the haircut.
(Little pup beside him is his son)

Harry NOW
Harry AFTER the haircut 😀

Choknat THEN
Choknat BEFORE the haircut

Choknat NOW
Choknat AFTER the haircut
(man, this dog is SO gay)

Sheero THEN and NOW
This is Sheero NOW. She didn’t want to have a
haircut (fur-cut), so she’s still pretty 🙂

See? I told you I have no future in “fur”-dressing. I think I’ll just stick to web design. 😀