I had my first Light Rail Transit (LRT) ride today. πŸ™‚ Marc and I had to go to C.M. Recto for the small business my sister and I are putting up, and the train is faster and more economical than going by car.

I won’t exactly call this my first train ride though. I’ve ridden the Metro Railway Transit (MRT) going from Santolan to Makati and back during my 6-month stint as a call center girl. I just never had any reason to ride the LRT until today.

I was like a little girl during the ride going to Recto. Marc even got annoyed with me, saying that I looked silly and I’m embarrassing myself to the other passengers. Well, to hell with them πŸ˜€ I actually like the LRT better than the MRT. It’s wider, has more space for people to move around. Good thing too because hopefully, I’ll be needing to ride the LRT at least once or twice a month (that would mean my sister and I are doing well in our business! :D).

Anyway, here’s a little photo for the Holy Week:


I took this photo months ago, but never had an opportunity to post it. I think this Holy Week is the best time to do that.