I’ve always like that song as a kid. But that’s not the point 😛

The Internet is such a small world, oddly enough. I never thought I’d be one to say that, but “meeting” a fellow alumnus made me think otherwise.

I used to be part of The Guidon, the school paper, back in college at the Ateneo de Manila. Web design has always been my “first love” (sorry, honey, but Web design knew me first :lol:), and it was only when I was part of the school paper that I got interested in print graphic design. I became the Graphic Design (GD) Editor on my second year, and I was stuck with a mess of a staff. My predecessor (I dare not mention his name haha) was such a pain in the ass and the most I learned from him was “never to unplug anything in a room full of computers while people are working.” He was the reason I developed this paranoid habit of pressing CTRL+S every five to 10 seconds. My magazine layout went into oblivion because he unplugged the wrong friggin’ cord!!!

As I said, I learned nothing from this guy. I think my dogs can design better than he does! Haha, I’m evil 😀 But you know what I mean. He’s what you’d call, “aesthically challenged.” Anyway, the only reason he got stuck in the editorial position was because nobody wanted to take the job, and the only other person better qualified than he was was already the Editor in Chief. It was our Editor in Chief, Mark Chua, who mentored me. So you can just imagine the mess my predecessor left when I succeeded him as the Graphic Design Editor after a year of hell with him.

Anyway, Mark suggested I organize a graphic design talk for my staff. I’ve chosen the most artistic people in the candidates roster (with some help from my mom and dad, artists extraordinaire), but most them has not once used Adobe PageMaker (the software we were using for laying out the paper) in their lives. Luckily, Mark was able to get me in touch with Paulo Ordoveza, a former Graphic Design and Photo Editor.

Pau was kind enough to give a talk to my team. I remember learning a lot about print layout from him and I can also recall two of my female artists telling me that they have a crush on him (fat chance, Pau, I’m no tattletale :lol:). Anyway, I haven’t seen him since then.

I started Kutitots two years ago when I decided to go full-time in freelancing. I’ve been blogging since then, and encountered different bloggers and saw different sites. BrownPau is one of those sites I’ve seen around. I had no idea Brownpau and Paulo Ordoveza was one and the same person, until I saw Abe’s feature on him as a Filipino problogger.

See? The internet CAN really make the world a smaller place 🙂