Yeah, right… I WISH. As much as I’d like to be celebrating my 18th birthday again tomorrow, I’ll be turning 25 already.

Funny how fast time flies doesn’t it? It seems only like yesterday when I was four years old, dreaming what I will be when I turn 18. I can still recall that afternoon when I was four, and trying to imagine what I’ll be doing 14 years later.

And now, I’m way past that. Heck, I’ll be a quarter-of-a-century old as of tomorrow.

Is this really the feeling you get when you’re about to turn 25? Or am I just being weird because I’ll be getting married soon? Seriously though, I feel a bit strange that as of tomorrow, I’ll be the same age as my mom when she had me. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have kids of my own. But it’s just a bit weird, you know?

I guess I just can’t imagine myself being a mom yet. And I’m pretty sure my closest friends can’t imagine me being a mom too. It’s easier for us to imagine me as a workaholic than a mommy.

But come to think of it… I’ve been told more than once by an aunt or two that my job is fit for raising kids. Working at home as a web/graphics designer would allow me to spend a LOT of time with the children (and don’t forget the dogs!). But no matter what I do, I still don’t LOOK like the mommy type.

Thinking about having kids already may seem a bit “too soon.” But hey, don’t blame me, my wedding is in November already—I can’t help it. I know Marc and I don’t necessarily have to have kids right after getting married, but I just can’t get over the fact that at the very same age I’ll be tomorrow, my mom had me.

Ah, well. No point burdening myself with these thoughts at the moment, I already have a lot to think about (work, anyone?). I’ll just enjoy the spaghetti and chicken wings my dad promised to prepare for me tomorrow—maybe I’ll even buy myself a cake with candles to blow. Pathetic, I know. But if it’s the new Chocolate Marjolaine from Red Ribbon, what the heck.