If my college friends heard you saying “home-maker” and “Gail” in the same sentence, they’d probably think you’re nuts. But lo and behold, these guys were the first ones to bear witness to my home-making.

One of my best friends in college, Rahul, went back to the Philippines for a week just to attend my wedding. He left to migrate to the United States a few months after graduation, so I never really expected he’d be there when I took my vows. You can imagine how shocked and pleased I was to see him (even Marc was so surprised to see him at the Church). Since it’s really rare for me and my friends to be together in one place like that, we made the most out of Rahul’s visit as soon as Marc and I got back from Hongkong.

My friends were the “first visitors” of our new home. But since they went to visit us the day after we got back, what they saw was a mess of a house. To be honest, it looked more like a storage facility than a home (yeah, that’s why I don’t want to post pics yet). So there. We had our first ever drinking session in our new home over boxes of electric fans and microwave ovens (not to mention atop of the eight rice cookers we received). And since Marc and I are such generous hosts, we bought my friends beer and sunflower seeds (Rahul treated us all to dinner in Eastwood City) for our little bonding session that lasted till 2am.

They were very amused to see me opening boxes of plates and glasses, and preparing stuff for them. Leng even commented that this was the last thing she thought she’d see: me getting excited opening boxes of kitchenware. It wasn’t what they were used to, that’s for sure. They won’t be surprised to see me go gaga over a new stick of 1GB RAM (they’ve already learned to accept the fact that computer parts will excite me more than a dozen of roses and a box of chocolates will), but kitchenware? It was simply… unusual.

To be honest, I’m also still finding it hard to believe that I’m now a wife. Checking my email used to be the first thing I did in the morning (I only brushed my teeth after I’ve gone through my emails hehe), but now, it’s different. Aside from having to brush my teeth first (it’s disgusting to kiss your husband good morning with a dragon-breath, you know), I now have to do some household chores first before I get to open my inbox.

Yesterday, I made my version of Connie’s Baked Creamy Chicken and Potatoes. Which, to my surprise, was a hit with my sister and Marc. Just this morning, I cooked rice, did some laundry, and marinated the beef we’ll be having for lunch. And now, as I write this entry, I still marvel at the thought that I actually did those things first before sitting in front of my pc.

I don’t know how long before I could really get used to this whole idea of “wife-hood” (it’s such a new thing for me that I even added a new post category called “wife-hood”). I guess I’ve just been so used to being a daughter with parents who run the household that the idea of me running my own household is still a bit strange.

Though there are still some things that remain the same (I still jump up and down on the bed when I desperately want to wake someone up—annoys the heck out of Marc), the thought that I’m now in a new chapter of my life is beginning to sink in. I’m also starting to realize and understand what it meant when people say “marriage will change your life.” Because in a short span of a week, it already has.