I’m a coffee addict. I probably down at least two mugs of coffee each day on the average. I guess coffee addiction is a common side effect of a designer working at night—you need caffeine to stay awake and meet project deadlines. I only get to sleep more than 6 hours a day when it’s the weekend, and caffeine does help me a lot when I desperately need a pick-me-up.

But the thing is, I’m so used to drinking coffee that sometimes it has no effect on me anymore. I would need to brew Barako coffee if I desperately needed to stay awake. Unfortunately, we only have coffee mix here at home. If I needed strong coffee, an Expresso at Starbucks in Katipunan was my best bet—Caramel Macchiato is my favorite, but it’s not enough to keep me awake.

Having coffee at an expensive coffee shop isn’t really economical. Besides, the nearest Starbucks branch is still a tad bit far—we need to take the car to get there. Was I glad when the first Kopiroti branch opened near us. Take this from a coffee addict… Kopiroti’s coffee is quite strong—it can really keep you wide awake till sunrise.


Another food in the Kopiroti menu that I really like is the boob-shaped Kopi bun.

The boob-shaped bun

But unlike a real boob, this one’s hard on the outside but has a fluffy bread texture inside (Well, maybe if you had fake boobs, it’ll be hard on the outside too! I wouldn’t know for sure though, mine’s real! Wehehe)

It's not a boob, it's a bread!

I usually ask Marc to get me coffee and a bun from Kopiroti whenever I had an important deadline coming up—really help in preventing me from dozing off. And since I get to be the one to update the nominations list on the Awards site… Kopiroti had to save the day. So yeah, you should thank the coffee for keeping me awake that I was able to finish inputting the URLs of the second batch of nominees. The number of entries I get seems to double each day as the February 28 deadline nears. Looks like I’ll be needing a Kopiroti again soon. Heh.