Our Valentine’s dinner date at Leona’s Art Restaurant and a foiled Kutitots design launch

14 February 2008     •     5 Comments
Daily Dose Tech Things

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Yesterday marked my blog’s fifth year in existence. I try to make it a point to redesign my theme every time my blog turns a year older, but as usual, I wasn’t able to make my planned release date. Launching a redesign later than planned is becoming a habit already, I might as well accept the fact that I’ll probably never finish a new Kutitots design every 13th of February. So yup, you can expect a new design soon… Really soon! Besides, I’m really getting tired of seeing this mess (the ads are just all over the place)—it’s about time for a new look.

I might be getting a habit out of delaying my blog’s redesign launch date, but one thing’s changed this year. Marc and I broke our stingy and lazy tradition and actually ate dinner at a restaurant on heart’s day. Traffic is usually awful on Valentine’s—lots of couples heading out for a romantic celebration—and that’s something that I could never tolerate. I was never a romantic (nor will I ever be), and braving traffic for the sake of romance is totally not my cup of tea. So what’s different this year? Nothing really, just the fact that the restaurant we went to was just a walking distance from our home, had great food and ambience any artist would really appreciate. Read more

Women from Venus, Men from Mars, and Krispy Kreme from Greenhills!

22 June 2007     •     11 Comments
Daily Dose

There are times that sometimes I feel like I’m a freak of nature, being able to pass up “girly stuff” without being a stereotyped lesbian. I don’t like spending hours on make-up (well, I’m allergic), and I particularly like “boy sports” like basketball, soccer, baseball and track instead of girl-dominated ones like volleyball (sorry hon hehehe). I only go to the bathroom to pee. And I say what I want directly instead of resorting to hints that some girls usually do with their boyfriends.

college friends

Well, I guess that’s what I get for hanging out with four boys almost every single day in my college life. Read more

Sugar fix for the stressed

30 March 2007     •     4 Comments
Daily Dose

If only my mom wasn’t Diabetic, she would have loved getting her hands on these:

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

But unfortunately, she is. So it’s up to us “kids” to enjoy these yummy treats. Read more

Kopiroti for the “kopi” addict

26 February 2007     •     3 Comments
Daily Dose

I’m a coffee addict. I probably down at least two mugs of coffee each day on the average. I guess coffee addiction is a common side effect of a designer working at night—you need caffeine to stay awake and meet project deadlines. I only get to sleep more than 6 hours a day when it’s the weekend, and caffeine does help me a lot when I desperately need a pick-me-up.

But the thing is, I’m so used to drinking coffee that sometimes it has no effect on me anymore. I would need to brew Barako coffee if I desperately needed to stay awake. Unfortunately, we only have coffee mix here at home. If I needed strong coffee, an Expresso at Starbucks in Katipunan was my best bet—Caramel Macchiato is my favorite, but it’s not enough to keep me awake.

Having coffee at an expensive coffee shop isn’t really economical. Besides, the nearest Starbucks branch is still a tad bit far—we need to take the car to get there. Was I glad when the first Kopiroti branch opened near us. Take this from a coffee addict… Kopiroti’s coffee is quite strong—it can really keep you wide awake till sunrise.


Another food in the Kopiroti menu that I really like is the boob-shaped Kopi bun. Read more

Chocolate addict

5 June 2006     •     9 Comments
Daily Dose

I can’t help it, I’m a chocolate addict.

Chocolate-covered marshmallows, barquillos, broas, and biscuits

I’ve always been a chocolate addict (maybe that’s why I’ve lost almost all of my teeth haha). And that photo is a culmination of my chocolate “addict-ness.”

For months, Marc and I have been planning to get a chocolate fountain for our wedding—and we’re frequently egged to make sure that plan pushes through by my sister Joyce and Marc’s sister Diane. They wanted to have one so much that they even volunteered to be the ones overseeing the fountain during the reception. Anyway, I finally decided on a supplier: A’s Butterfly Corp. I don’t like butterflies but hey, their chocolate is good. They use one of my favorite chocolate candies: Lindt Chocolate.

So anyway, we liked the chocolate taste testing so much that we even ordered 3 kilos of chocolate just for our own private, chocolate fondue party 🙂

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