A lot! For one thing, we’ve released the first batch of nominees for the Main Awards Categories and updated the FAQs page. We called for volunteers for the committee organizing the Awards Night, and there have been some issues raised so we had to give some answers. Jayvee’s already working on updating the content on the site (ahem, ahem), so you can expect more updates coming in the next few days.

Since this is my blog, I can tell you my personal views on what’s happening—but they’re not going to be official statements.

Abe and I were just talking a few days ago about how really happy we were with the response. We received a lot of entries (especially in the Personal category), and quite a number have also pledge their support for sponsorship. Not to mention the many good souls volunteering to help us out with the Awards Night. We knew we were in for hard work (and a few headaches) when we thought of re-launching this award-giving body, but really, it’s worth it.

We’re glad people are taking part in the blogging community—that’s basically the whole point of it all. Aside from giving recognition to the best of the best, we also figured that this event would be another venue to foster camaraderie. And so far, it seems to be that way 🙂 I still get this feeling of wanting to faint whenever I see my disaster-of-an-inbox, but at the same time, I can’t help but feel glad that a lot have shown interest in our project.

But that’s not all.

If I wasn’t busy with work and the Awards, I would have blogged this sooner. One day ago, I got an email from the WordPress man himself—Automattic was interested in sponsoring the event! I was really surprised, I was like, “OMG no way” Yeah, it sounds ditzy, but really, that’s how I felt. I just asked Abe to give me a link for the cash sponsorship transfer—he probably thought I had one of my offshore clients sponsor or something, so he didn’t bother asking me who the link was for. I figured he’d find out anyway, since he’ll be able to see the recipient information when he receives the amount.

The next day, I really couldn’t hold it any longer. I had to tell somebody other than my husband. I was so excited that I totally forgot that Abe was nocturnal. When he called back, I tried to contain myself and see how long I’d be able to keep my mouth shut about the news. We talked about everything that needed to be discussed about the Awards (like the call for volunteers and all that), and surprisingly, I actually forgot about my Automattic news. But when Abe mentioned how hard it was to buy dollars these days, I remembered. I just had to say it:

Me: Abe, pano ba mag-work yung Xoom link na ni-send mo sakin kanina?

Abe: Sign up lang sila, tapos click. Diretso na yun. Sino ba yan?

Me: Automattic. Yung sa WordPress.

Abe: NO WAY.

Writing Abe’s response in uppercase doesn’t do it justice. You just got to hear him say it. As Sasha puts it, it’s so Abe.

So yes. We’ve got Automattic on board. And don’t forget The Blog Herald. We also have Bryan Veloso judging in the Finals. International big names supporting the quest for the best of the best in the Philippine Blogosphere.

What are you waiting for? Be a part of one of the biggest Philippine blogosphere events of the year! Nominate your blog now, the deadline is already on the 28th! Oh, and don’t forget the Awards Night coming this March or the first week of April—it’s going to rock! 🙂