This has got to be a record. 14 days of no blogging since I’ve started blogging regularly. I’m getting worse. But, of all my hiatuses, I think this was the most worth it.

I’ve been sick the past few weeks 🙁 And I’m telling you, getting sick in the middle of a stressful workload won’t really help you get well when you need it. I’ve been perpetually bone-tired the past days, but it’s hard to complain when you’ve got a lot of responsibilities to think about—work and family. Work stress, I’m used to it. The thing I didn’t expect to get is another butt-load of family stress.

You see, my sister’s psychiatrist tried out a new medication for my sis in the hopes of lowering down her blood sugar—the old one, albeit effective, has high sugar content. But as it turned out, it wasn’t for her, so we had to endure her bouts of craziness the past month 😛 I guess that’s the thing that attributed a lot to my stress—you really can’t relax when you’re on the edge, keeping an ear out just in case another tantrum is in the works.

Now that my sister’s back to drinking her old medicine, we’re able to relax a bit. Funny. It’s just like in Harry Potter, where “the wand chooses the wizard.” In her case, the medicine chooses the drinker 😛 Forgive my corny remarks, I’m just trying to see the best in all of this.

* * *

I feel guilty missing Pinoy Tech Blog’s second anniversary celebration. I’m not a beer-drinker, but I think Abe and the PTB team did a great job with the group blog. I discourage my husband reading their blog whenever the topic is about computer hardware and laptops—I don’t want him getting ideas of what else to spend our money on haha—but the blog’s been a veritable mine of Philippine tech news that I was really glad that they’ve extended the invitation to their readers. It’s not every day that genuine geeks get together to talk about tech stuff and actually make sense.

Happy second anniversary, PTB!

* * *

Speaking of celebrations… My dad celebrated his 50th birthday last August 3. Happy Birthday Dad! You’re getting old (and damn, so am I) hehehe.

* * *

Oh, and yeah, I won a Timbuk2 Laptop Messenger bag at the Blogger Bag Launch organized by Geisler-Maclang and Timbuk2 last August 22. Marc’s claiming that it’s his too, on the silly premise of “what’s mine is yours, what’s yours is mine” crap haha. The bag isn’t made for our laptop’s dimensions, but I love the color combination (blue, mustard yellow, and tan). My other necessities fit the bag though, so we’ll still be able to make use of it on out-of-town trips and client meetings.

To be honest, I don’t think I’ll buy a bag that expensive, unless it was given to me. I don’t know why, it’s just me. My cousin gave me a pair of Havianas as pasalubong from Canada, and I my resolve not to get a pair myself just became stronger—no way I’d buy an expensive pair of rubber slippers. It just looks the same to me. Sorry, but I’m really not the type who’d easily get swayed by “brands.” 😛

Same thing with the bag. I’m not trying to be an ungrateful biatch or anything, but really, I don’t see anything fantastic about the Blogger Bag they launched. Well, let’s suppose I have a lot of money to throw around, but I still won’t buy it. The shoulder bag design just doesn’t appeal to me.

You see, I’ve been lugging around a laptop back in college in a shoulder bag. Having all the weight on one side made me feel like I’m going to be walking lopsided for the rest of my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I like their designs and the padded area feature for laptops, but I honestly think that their Underground Day Pack would cut it better—that’s the bag I’ll buy when I have extra money. In my opinion, a backpack is more appropriate for a blogger on-the-go. The weight of the laptop is distributed evenly on your back (both your shoulders, not just on one side), and the fact that both your hands are free to take photos just makes it more ideal for the blogger.

But then again, the Blogger Bag was designed in the US. You can easily leave your bag on a chair when it gets too heavy (or when you’re beginning to feel lopsided). Try doing that in a mall’s food court here in the Philippines. Though the bag won’t look like it contains a laptop, the bag looks expensive enough to snatch—the son-of-a-gun snatching your bag will have the thieving bonus of a new laptop!

Ah. Don’t listen to me. Maybe I’m just being ungrateful (or maybe I just felt that I should give my real and honest opinion since “reviews” of the bag I’ve seen so far are merely rewordings of the bag’s brochure), but I guess I haven’t gotten over losing a video card and two memory sticks in the mall. Or maybe I’m just too poor at the moment to get me that Underground Day Pack 😛

* * *

Sorry if this entry doesn’t have much of a direction, but it’s quite hard to congest everything that’s happened for the past two weeks. Anyway, do watch out for my blog for the next few days… I’ve got some interesting topics to discuss 😀