People who don’t like animals probably would never understand the emotional attachment a person could feel for a pet. It’s hard for them to marvel how one pet-lover can spend for an animal’s vet meds when “it only deserves” to be put outside the house in a cage and thrown leftovers. These are the same people who cannot imagine having a dog as a friend, a loyal companion no matter what happens.


Lucky I’m not one of those. But I sometimes wish I am. Especially now.

Sometimes I wish I could just turn off caring for my pets like a light switch. But it’s not as easy as that when you’re already emotionally attached.

A number of bloggers have probably already met my favorite dog, Sheero. I bring her along with me as much as I could, and she enjoys it. She loves people, and the people love her—she’s adorable even when being extremely rude. I am yet to meet a person who finds her scary.

But it seemed that her adorable nature didn’t prevent her from getting very sick.

Sheero is currently confined at the P & B Horseshoe Pet Clinic along Katipunan Avenue, and very weak. The vet said that she has a 50% chance of making it, but there’s also a 50% chance Marc and I will lose our furry baby 🙁

I honestly can’t describe how I feel right now, except for the fact that I’m an emotional wreck. For somebody who rarely cries, I actually spent the entire day crying, especially whenever I remembered all the good times we’ve had with Sheero.

People who don’t care much for animals would never understand how I’m feeling, and I won’t even bother defending myself if they considered my reaction over-reacting. I don’t care, all I care about right now is for Sheero to get well, my loyal friend who once saved my life, cuddled beside me whenever I’m feeling down, waited patiently for me by the door, and accompanied me during walks that we both enjoyed.

The worst is that I feel partly responsible for her getting sick.

I really hope she pulls through. Marc and I are holding on to that 50% chance that she’ll be with us again, we don’t want to lose her.

Yes, I know it’s easy (and probably even cheaper) to just get a new dog. But it won’t be the same. It won’t be Sheero.

I guess this is what I get for being too emotionally attached to my pets.