I slept late yesterday, really late. Marc and I had a client presentation in Makati around 4pm, but I spent the night till lunch time working, so I had to pass. We had planned to hang out at Glorietta first before meeting our client (it would have been easier to take the train instead of bringing a car), but since I haven’t slept yet, Marc and I decided that he’ll just drive to Makati and just park the car in Glorietta so he wouldn’t have to withstand the city’s infamous traffic. I went to bed at 12:30pm, and Marc asked my dad to borrow the car to drive to Makati about the same time.

Glorietta 2 Blast

When Marc left, I was still asleep and my dad didn’t hear him leave. He knew that Marc was going to Makati, he just didn’t know what time. I didn’t either.

My dad heard the news on the radio that there was a huge blast in Glorietta around 4pm, and he woke me up immediately. Dad covered the sports beat for The Philippine Daily Inquirer, so he wasn’t contacted by the office. He immediately woke me up, and told me to call Marc ASAP to see if he was ok.

I called Marc twice, thrice. I couldn’t connect to his phone. I thought something bad happened to him, though something told me that he was ok. I don’t know why, but I felt that he wasn’t harmed. It was a gut feeling, you know? It’s hard to explain.

On the fifth try, my call finally went through. I was right. He was fine.

As it turned out, Marc left around 2PM, about thirty minutes after the blast.

Thirty minutes. Thirty minutes that made a huge difference. If he left earlier and went through with his plan to park at Glorietta, things would have turned out differently. I’m not very religious, but I can’t help but thank God for it.

Though some of my friends consider me a very logical person, I have always kept an open mind when it came to the supernatural. There are just some things you can’t explain. My husband missing the blast by mere thirty minutes may have been brought about by sheer dumb luck (or can be simply explained by laziness to go to the meeting early), but sometimes I really feel like I have a guardian angel watching over me.

Our family got lucky. All of us are safe. But there were people who weren’t.

Let’s all pray for the grieving families of those who passed away in the blast (8 were confirmed dead as reported in Inquirer.Net) and the wounded.

October 19 marks another sad day for Filipinos.

(For photos, visit Disney Cute Land. More info available at the Inquirer.Net Glorietta Blast special site).