Globe Run for Home 2011: Run for YOUR home, the earth, through Haribon Foundation

18 March 2011     •     Comments Off on Globe Run for Home 2011: Run for YOUR home, the earth, through Haribon Foundation
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A year ago, we had Ondoy. 2011 had just began, and we already have two natural disasters that shook the world: the New Zealand earthquake, and the Japan quake and tsunami. Nature is unleashing its fury. The weather is also becoming so unpredictable that you start to wonder that maybe, the Mayans were right.

I guess that’s probably why movements on natural resources conservation have been gaining popularity. People are finally beginning to realize the importance of taking care of the world we live in, and conserving our resources that are slowly drying out. The Haribon Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources (or Haribon Foundation for short) have long stood and fought for this. They’re an organization dedicated to the conservation of Philippine biodiversity, aiming to build a constituency for environmental issues that will prioritize conservation actions on habitats and sites, based on solid, scientific and socio-economic research.

This year, Haribon Foundation is one of the four beneficiaries of Globe Run for Home, a yearly running event organized by Globe to raise funds for charity. I’ve always supported this run since its first-ever event, and I’m really glad they included Haribon Foundation — an organization I’ve long considered to be the “nature heroes” of the Philippines. Read more

The colors of scents

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Really, I’m not the type of person you’d call “vain.” I don’t wear the latest fashions (frankly, I don’t even have an idea what they are). I usually choose clothes for comfort and practicality. But if you do catch me wearing a girly blouse or dress, you can expect I bought it for its design or print pattern. I don’t wear make-up — I’m allergic, and I don’t want to trouble myself looking for cosmetics that won’t make my eyes tear up or my lips bloat like fish lips. Yes, I’m still a woman, in case you’re wondering. 😛

If there’s one thing I am quite vain about, it’s how I smell whenever I go out. Emphasis on “go out.” 😀 Read more

Running for Mother Earth!

19 April 2010     •     1 Comment
Daily Dose

With all the running-related posts I’ve been yakking about, I know I should eventually start a running blog that people who are actually interested will read and appreciate. But wait! This run is special… Well, for me at least!

Last Sunday at the SM Mall of Asia, my husband Marc and I ran for a cause that we truly believed in: The National Geographic Earth Day Run 2010. The price tag per distance category is quite steep (more expensive than the other races we’ve ran), but it’s NatGeo! What can I say? I’m a NatGeo fan girl! 😀 Read more

Getting hooked on running, the second time around

12 March 2010     •     5 Comments
Daily Dose

Nope, I haven’t forgotten this blog yet. If ever, I think I’ve taken the much-needed blog hiatus. Because frankly, my posts in this blog last year were depressing me. Some might call it “maturity,” but really, I don’t want to grow into a bitter old lady 😛 Anyway, I have a list of New Year’s resolutions on hand, but I don’t want to bore you with them. It’s more fun letting you all figure it out as I go along 😀

My finishers’ medal! 5km run at the 2010 Condura Run for the Dolphins

Moving on… I’m proud to say that I started 2010 with a healthy progress: I finished 5km for the first time ever, and that’s without using my inhaler! Not even once 🙂 Read more

Eventlog: Mall wi-fi, flip-flops, food, and sports fashion

11 April 2009     •     1 Comment
Daily Dose

Every now and then, an invitation to a blogger event would catch my fancy. I don’t usually attend those that I don’t really find interesting, as going there would just be a waste of my time and gasoline. Ever since we transferred here at the outskirts of Antipolo, I’ve been attending events less and less. Not surprising, really. After all, just about anything or anyone can have a blogger event these days.

Below are four events I’ve attended the past few months. Don’t worry, this post isn’t an advertorial. I can honestly say that these products (or food) are things that I will actually use—or in the case of the food, eat—regardless of an event. I’ll compile all four in this one post; I know it can get pretty annoying reading blogs that talk nothing but events regardless of their blog’s niche. Read more

The Bratpack Bag Diaries: Congratulations to the winner!!!

19 November 2008     •     5 Comments
Daily Dose

I‘m probably one of the last (if not the last) to announce my winner for the Bratpack Bag Diaries contest. Sorry about that, but I really had to think it through. My husband and I were at deadlock with two entries—he really liked one, but I liked another—we just couldn’t decide which of our two favorites to award.

After arguing our sides, we finally reached a decision. The winner of that nifty Hedgren bag is… Read more

Sector9 Manila Bomb

11 October 2008     •     4 Comments
Daily Dose

Just this morning, Marc and I watched the Sector9 Manila Bomb skateboard race which started from Raja Sulayman Park, Manila to Rockwell Powerplant Mall, Makati.

The event’s title, “Push! Don’t Pollute,” was an environmentalist philosophy—encouraging people to fin alternative means of transportation and to underscore the need to take better care of the planet. Aloha Boardsports organized this skateboard event.

Frankly, I’m not too hot about skateboards. I tried it once, but riding one scared me—there’s just something unsettling about steering using your feet and not your hands 😛 But as somebody who particularly enjoys cycling every morning (when it’s not raining, that is), I am quite impressed with what they’re trying to do for the environment. To be honest, it’s not often that I attend an event made with the environment in mind (except for the animal events I attended with my dog Shantee probably).

I don’t normally post videos on my blog, but this is the first time I was able to really use my new phone to take videos so I made a montage of photos and videos Marc and I took during the event. Pardon the graininess, I had to compress it 🙂

Don’t mind the cheesy effects 😛 I was also trying out Windows Movie Maker. It’s nothing like Adobe Premiere, but it’ll do for personal videos like this one.

Bloggers’ Choice Awards now open for voting!

10 September 2008     •     1 Comment
Daily Dose Tech Things

Voting is now open for the Bloggers’ Choice Awards! Check out the guidelines and the list of nominees before casting your vote. As you will see, the voting procedure is much more complicated than last year’s. That was intentional 🙂

Aside from providing online mileage for our kind sponsors (without them, there won’t be an Awards Night for us bloggers to enjoy), we wanted to be sure that the award really and truly is bloggers’ choice. I don’t know why, but last year some people assumed that you are already a blogger and your vote will count just because you put in “Yahoo.Com” or “Friendster.Com” as your blog URL in hopes of getting around our voting system 😛 Read more

Dialogue with Senator Mar Roxas

3 August 2008     •     18 Comments
Daily Dose

Last Friday, Marc and I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Palengke himself: Senator Mar Roxas. We were joined by bloggers of different niches. We have already met his team before because of our web design business, but this was the very first time we actually sat down and talked to the senator.

Basically, the senator is launching his personal blog, where he would actually take part in some of the writing. Quite interesting, in my opinion. Politicians would usually just hire a ghost writer, but Mar Roxas opted to be transparent instead. Not only that, but he is also launching another website, Virtual Rally Fuel Price Protest. Read more

At the Buhay Coke blog event!

1 July 2008     •     12 Comments
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I‘ve been meaning to blog this earlier, but Marc thought the weekend was the best time to format our hard drive and install a brand-new copy of Windows Vista. We wanted to get the Business version, but it was just way too expensive (Vista Home Basic is only about one-fourth of the cost of the Business version). Anyway,moving on 🙂

Buhay Coke ng Bloggers last Friday was actually my sister’s first-ever blogging event. Actually, it was the first party (with a lot of people) she attended with me (just me and Marc, and without our parents) ever since she got sick.

Joyce and me at the Buhay Coke party (thanks to Fritz and Juned for the pic!)

Read more

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