Voting is now open for the Bloggers’ Choice Awards! Check out the guidelines and the list of nominees before casting your vote. As you will see, the voting procedure is much more complicated than last year’s. That was intentional 🙂

Aside from providing online mileage for our kind sponsors (without them, there won’t be an Awards Night for us bloggers to enjoy), we wanted to be sure that the award really and truly is bloggers’ choice. I don’t know why, but last year some people assumed that you are already a blogger and your vote will count just because you put in “Yahoo.Com” or “Friendster.Com” as your blog URL in hopes of getting around our voting system 😛

I was admittedly torn between irritation and amusement. I mean, who wouldn’t? 😛 It was pretty funny in a exasperating sort of way 😛 Anyway, that was last year. Now, it’s different.

So, do we really expect people to vote regardless of this change in guidelines? We hope so, we certainly hope so. Because aside from being able to make the blogger they voted for happy, voters (with valid entries, of course) will get a chance to win one of our cool sponsor-provided prizes 😀 I wouldn’t say what yet, all I can say is that for the first time I actually wish I wasn’t disqualified to vote!

Don’t forget, we also have the Level Up! Gaming Blog Award and Nokia’s Kaleidoscope of Connections Award.

What are you waiting for? Go head over the Philippine Blog Awards site and cast your votes! Remember, the Awards Night is just around the corner!