Oh, sorry. I meant “The Da Vinci Code,” but I did mean the sarcasm 😀

No offense to people who loved this movie, but I was severely disappointed with the film adaptation of Dan Brown’s famous novel. Marc and I saw it last Sunday (I’ve been meaning to blog it, really). We got to the theaters at around 8pm, and the only screening with available seats was at 11PM. So ok we waited three hours. Shit. Three hours of waiting for a movie like that? I think we should have seen MI3 instead.

Maybe it’s because Forrest Gump had left too much of an impression on me that I really can’t see Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon. Anyway, Tom Hanks is great actor, so he’s probably not the problem. It’s the movie itself that’s the problem. Ok, I’ll say it.

The movie was BORING. It so boring that even rhinoplasty photos or any of those medical stuff would have more interesting.

It’s so not as exciting as the book. The book version of the Da Vinci Code kept me awake for an entire night, I couldn’t put it down. Dan Brown told the story so well that I felt my adrenalin pumping almost until the very end. But the movie? I hate to admit it, but I almost fell asleep.

I really can’t point what’s wrong with the movie, honestly… (well, maybe except for the fact that movie Sophie was made to look like an idiot when in the book she was more adept at cryptology than Langdon was)… There’s just something totally wrong about it. I think the only time that I was “affected” was seeing the albino monk torture himself (man, it looked painful).

I don’t know. Maybe I was just expecting too much after all the hype it received. Or maybe I was just expecting to see another Harry-Potterish film adaptation—excellent movie based on an excellent book. The Harry Potter 4 adaption was as faithful to the book version as possible, but was still able to stand with its own right. The Da Vinci Code movie? Nope. I think I would just rather re-read the book.