I have a feeling a lot of other people can relate to this one.

I woke up this afternoon (yeah, I’m a vampire) thinking that I needed a quick break before working: I had one of those rare urges to watch television. My sister, Joyce, apparently had the same idea. But when we got to the living room, there seemed to be a problem: we couldn’t find the remote control.

Joyce and I searched practically the entire house (and even considered stealing our mom’s remote control), looking under tables, sofas, couches, you name it. Our maid, Marlyn, and Dad even joined the searched. We looked for the damned remote control for at least 20 minutes, only to find out that my sister’s dog, Whitey, made it her chew toy and even peed on it. So Joyce just went back to sleep, Dad turned to his gardening, Marlyn back to her chores, and I went to my computer room to get started on work.

It took me about an hour to realize that we could have just pushed the “ON” button on the television itself 😛 This is really one of those things people do that makes you to just want to scratch your head, “huh?”

Imagine that. We searched practically the entire house when we could have just turned on the t.v. by pressing the power button. And to think I wasn’t exactly born during the years of the remote controlled tv. I remember back in the very early 80’s when our television sets made use of dials or channel buttons on the tv itself. Cable TV for households was still unheard of (or at least here in PI). There were very few channels to choose from back then, so I guess there wasn’t really the “need” for a remote control.

Funny. The more technology tries to “enhance” our lives, the more we make it seem complicated. I could have just pushed the power button on the television set, but no, I had to search the entire house for a remote control.

If you’ve done (or been doing) the same thing, raise your hand and say “aye!” Let’s make each other feel better by learning that we are not alone. Come on now… Don’t be shy. You know deep down you’re one of us. hehehe 🙂