As you all probably heard by now, there will be a major bloggers’ party this coming 27th of January, Saturday. It’s going to be called, Blog Parteeh! ’07. Beats me where Abe got the name, but this is probably one of the major parties by bloggers for bloggers ever (so far, at least). Details will be out within the week before the event, so please make sure that you keep your ears out for the official announcement. We’re working our asses off for this—we need to be sure that registration for you guys will run as smoothly as possible.

Anyhow, I’ll be heading the Welcoming Committee for Blog Parteeh! ’07. Right now, there are just three of us doing the work (me, Marc, and Juned). But I’ll need at least two or three more willing souls.

Here’s a rundown of the committee tasks:

  • Collate final list of registered bloggers, special guests & sponsors
  • Create ID tags for all different attendees (this will be sponsored by SheeroMedia, so basically, what you’ll be doing is to match the existing ID tags to the owner at the Registration booth)
  • Manning of the Registration Booth at the venue
  • Handing out of schwags, giveaways, game materials (pencil, paper, etc.)
  • Documentation including pictures of individual bloggers & group pics (Juned will be coordinating this part)
  • Serve as Communications HQ to coordinate messages between committees

What you get out of volunteering? Aside from having a special committee ID tag, you’ll get first dibs on all the hottie bloggers at the Registration Booth and have the satisfaction that you’ve been one of the good souls who helped make camaraderie among Filipino bloggers stronger. So how’s that for an incentive? 😛

Anyway, if you’re interested to join my committee (I just need two or three more), leave a comment under this entry that you want to be part of it and I’ll get back to you through email for the details.