Seven days of no blogging? Gee, I didn’t know it’s been that long. I’ve been meaning to blog (seriously, I was) about my new toy: a Logitech G3 Laser Mouse.

Logitech G3 Laser Mouse

The Most Influential Blogging Overlord had been advising me to get an ergonomic mouse ever since I went to a blogger badminton session with a bandage on my right hand (I swear, that guy’s sales talk can sell a house if he wanted it to). I suppose he thought my cheapo, worn-out, uber-harassed optical mouse had to go. I have quite a high tolerance for pain, so I never really thought of getting a new mouse until the cursor started having a mind of its own.

Ok fine. It wasn’t really that. I think I wouldn’t have replaced it until it’s really busted—but Marc wanted a cool new mouse to go with our new laptop. I didn’t think it was fair for the husband to get a new mouse when the wife was stuck with an old, almost-dilapidated one. Heh.

So there. Marc got me a cool new mouse: a Logitech G3 Laser Mouse! I love the way it looks, and how it responds with precision at every move I make. I don’t do artsy stuff much on my pc, so buying a pen tablet would just be a luxury (it’s really not a need for me). But with this mouse, I can actually draw properly—it’s that precise.

The G3 was made for gamers, but it’s still worth it for me. I need the precision, especially when I need to create clean selections. I originally wanted to get the G5 Laser Mouse (it has this cool rusty design on top), but it’s twice the price of the G3. G5 is already an overkill (I didn’t really need the horizontal scrolling feature), so Marc just got me the next in line.

The G3 isn’t the first computer stuff gift Marc got me—I remember getting a brand-new 1GB memory stick from him for my pc two Christmases ago. It’s not that he’s “being a guy” for doing that—I’m really just weird that way. I’d appreciate a gadget or a computer part more than I would makeup or perfume or any of those expensive girly crap for a gift. My girlfriends tell me that it’s because I’m just totally un-romantic. Well, maybe so, but I’d rather think of myself as being practical. Hehe.

I don’t know why really, but clothes just aren’t my thing. I’d get impatient when shopping for clothes or makeup with my friends, but I can spend hours at a time in computer stores or stationery shops looking for fancy papers and crafty stuff. Maybe that’s what happens when you’re raised by artsy parents—you’d grow up knowing that don’t need expensive clothes and makeup just to look good.

Or maybe… I appreciate a gift more when it’s well thought of, and not how expensive it is. There’s just something special about a gift when you know that the giver really thought about it, and didn’t just grab the first thing he’ll see off the shelf. I guess that’s why I didn’t really see anything so special about the stuffed toys I’ve gotten from ex-boyfriends—the toys were cute, but they’re gathering dust up in my old room in a box. It’s not that I’m ungrateful or anything, it’s just that I remember gifts more when the giver really thought about it. A memory stick and a laser mouse from my husband, a wallet with a picture of dogs that resemble my favorite pooch from an aunt, a home-made greeting card from my younger sister, a personalized book with dinosaurs from my late grandma, a train set from my parents, an artsy bracelet from a friend, and apple-flavored smokes from a new buddy—just to name a few. These are just some of the gifts I really remember, the kind of things that would make me smile when I see them. I appreciate gifts all the same, but the really thought-of ones somehow make themselves extra special for me. I guess I’m just sentimental that way 🙂

How about you? What’s the most memorable gift you’ve ever received?

* * *

On a totally unrelated note…

Marc and I joined Abe at the Taste Asia event last Tuesday—there goes my one week’s worth of walking with Sheero. I probably gained back those five pounds I’ve lost after last week’s Krispy Kreme binge. Blame that accommodating waiter who kept on offering Lauren, Khursten and me siomai and shawarma (not to mention the loads of fruit shake and soft drinks that almost made me want to pee in my pants).

I had thought of starving myself (and of course, my husband too! Haha) and not eat until the event. But before we even reached Abe’s place (Marc and I were hitching in the Adsense-mobile, we couldn’t take the car that day), I was so hungry I could barely walk straight. We grabbed a quick bite. Though we didn’t eat much, I still wasn’t able to make the most out of the buffet at SM Hypermarket.

To be honest, it really felt good to be just a guest and not be an organizer for once. We were able to eat and chat without worrying about anything else—well, maybe except for my allergies starting up because of the squid. And we could leave early—Marc and Abe had a long-standing commitment to attend to.

It was really great to see old faces (and new ones) again. We were worried that the Macalua would drink beer from the pitcher instead of a glass, Markku was making noise as usual (hehe), Jayvee and Sorsi chatted up the crowd, and Noemi nabbed a whole pizza for our table. Sharm looked great in her Middle-Eastern look. Lauren, her friend Khursten, and I nearly made ourselves high with all the chocolate and softdrinks we gorged ourselves with. I wasn’t surprised to see Mike at the chocolate fountain (dude, is that a fixation? haha), and Marielle by the buffet. Although Marc was pouting on the way home to Abe about being “the husband of Kutitots,” he almost drowned himself with four tall-glass-sized paper-cups of fruit shakes.

I finally met Eugene and Jenny. And I certainly enjoyed listening to Ely’s SEO revelations. Juned, we’ll swing by your place and claim my prize! Wee! The enclosed area made me feel uncomfortable (I’m claustrophobic), but I was able to say hello to Rico and Sasha, and met Jomar’s happy friend, Happy, from the tables outside. If we met and I wasn’t able to mention you here, so sorry! I was distracted with my allergies acting up. But believe me, it was great seeing you guys again there.

I think I’ll stop now before this post starts resembling an article from the society pages 😛 Kudos to Aileen and SM Hypermarket for the event!