The weirdest thing happened to me early this morning. I woke up at 4am, but snoozed on again while waiting for Marc. I remember getting up and going to the bathroom, as well as texting Marc to send me a message when he’s outside the gate already so the dogs won’t start barking and waking up the entire street. I also remember snoozing off for about an hour after that, and waking up at the sound of Marc’s text message around 10 minutes after 5. But I really don’t remember texting Marc at 5:03am.

And yet I did. I checked my Sent messages folder, and there it was: the incoherent text message. It didn’t make any sense, and had a lot of garbled words. Marc was telling me to try and remember why I sent it, but I really couldn’t. Weird huh? And even weirder is that when I sat down and tried to remember my dream before I woke up, texting Marc WAS in my dream. I just couldn’t recall WHY I texted him in the dream. Well, since it’s really hard to make sense of dreams, it didn’t bother me much. It was the fact I was “sleep-texting” that freaked me out.

I’ve heard of sleepwalking. I never met anybody who does that but I’ve read about it. I’ve also experienced overhearing somebody sleep-talk (Marc and my grandma). I even admit that I try to reply to text messages while half-asleep. My messages are garbled, but I am aware that I was texting somebody. This is the very first instance that I really couldn’t remember even holding my phone and using it to send a text message.

Have you guys heard of a similar instance? You know, doing something during sleep and remembering nothing of what happened? This really spooked me out, to tell you the truth. It’s WEIRD. I never really thought I’d do something like that P