Globe Run for Home 2011: Run for YOUR home, the earth, through Haribon Foundation

18 March 2011     •     Comments Off on Globe Run for Home 2011: Run for YOUR home, the earth, through Haribon Foundation
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A year ago, we had Ondoy. 2011 had just began, and we already have two natural disasters that shook the world: the New Zealand earthquake, and the Japan quake and tsunami. Nature is unleashing its fury. The weather is also becoming so unpredictable that you start to wonder that maybe, the Mayans were right.

I guess that’s probably why movements on natural resources conservation have been gaining popularity. People are finally beginning to realize the importance of taking care of the world we live in, and conserving our resources that are slowly drying out. The Haribon Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources (or Haribon Foundation for short) have long stood and fought for this. They’re an organization dedicated to the conservation of Philippine biodiversity, aiming to build a constituency for environmental issues that will prioritize conservation actions on habitats and sites, based on solid, scientific and socio-economic research.

This year, Haribon Foundation is one of the four beneficiaries of Globe Run for Home, a yearly running event organized by Globe to raise funds for charity. I’ve always supported this run since its first-ever event, and I’m really glad they included Haribon Foundation — an organization I’ve long considered to be the “nature heroes” of the Philippines. Read more

Confessions of a closet lip balm addict

6 December 2010     •     1 Comment
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Ask anybody who’s known me for more than a year, and he/she will tell you one thing: I am so not a make-up person. Seeing me all made up is a once in a blue moon occurrence. If you got a pic of me in make-up, keep it — it’s so rare it could be a collector’s item. Hehe. But I’m still a girl. And I do get vain every once in a while 😀

Mind you, it’s not because I’m just a slob. I dress like one sometimes, but I do fix up when I feel like it. I don’t like putting on make-up for one simple reason: it makes me highly uncomfortable. You see, my skin is a bit sensitive. I get allergies when I put on commercial make-up — puffy eyes and swollen cheeks aren’t really very fashionable. I need to use organic ones (which are pricier) if I really needed to fix up. Good thing my lips aren’t that sensitive, I can have the semblance of a non-slob even if I’m not perfectly made up.

I rarely attend events these days due to my busy work schedule, but I think you’d now understand why I made sure I attended the small blogger get-together to introduce LipIce and its product lines. They gave us samples of all their variants to try: Fruity, Sheer Color, Color Lipbalm, and Color Gloss Fruity, as well as that for men (Men’s Cool Aqua) and lip therapy (Mentholatum). I felt like I was in lip balm heaven! 😀 Read more

Running for Mother Earth!

19 April 2010     •     1 Comment
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With all the running-related posts I’ve been yakking about, I know I should eventually start a running blog that people who are actually interested will read and appreciate. But wait! This run is special… Well, for me at least!

Last Sunday at the SM Mall of Asia, my husband Marc and I ran for a cause that we truly believed in: The National Geographic Earth Day Run 2010. The price tag per distance category is quite steep (more expensive than the other races we’ve ran), but it’s NatGeo! What can I say? I’m a NatGeo fan girl! 😀 Read more

Getting hooked on running, the second time around

12 March 2010     •     5 Comments
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Nope, I haven’t forgotten this blog yet. If ever, I think I’ve taken the much-needed blog hiatus. Because frankly, my posts in this blog last year were depressing me. Some might call it “maturity,” but really, I don’t want to grow into a bitter old lady 😛 Anyway, I have a list of New Year’s resolutions on hand, but I don’t want to bore you with them. It’s more fun letting you all figure it out as I go along 😀

My finishers’ medal! 5km run at the 2010 Condura Run for the Dolphins

Moving on… I’m proud to say that I started 2010 with a healthy progress: I finished 5km for the first time ever, and that’s without using my inhaler! Not even once 🙂 Read more

Living healthy and working out

14 May 2009     •     7 Comments
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For the past two weeks, Marc and I have been frequenting the Marikina Sports Center for regular work-out. He runs at the oval while waiting for me complete my boxing session. I can think of many different reasons why I decided to start working out, but none really stood out except for the fact that I just wanted to.

Marc brought me to the Marikina Sports Center two weeks ago so we’d be able to try the place out, but going there brought back so much memories—I used to run for the track team in elementary and tournaments were usually held at the very same place, and my Dad took me there frequently for practice runs as well—that I couldn’t help but take a step back and look at how I’ve let myself get so unhealthy. 50-meter runs used to be a piece of cake, but that night I couldn’t even get past half that without getting so tired and be at the brink of an asthma attack.

When my asthma first resurfaced last November, I wasn’t bothered much—considering that I spent a few hours at a nearby hospital’s emergency room with an oxygen tube shoved up my nostrils. I accepted the fact that I might have to be on maintenance medicine for the rest of my life, thinking that the doctor’s suggestion of work out as a way to eventually get well was just too much work. Read more

Need to diet? Teeth extraction might help

31 October 2006     •     19 Comments
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Halloween came a tad bit early for me. Totally unexpected, I might add. And I realize that it seems to be the reason why I couldn’t bring myself to blog till now—it really does take time before one can accept the fact that she’ll be losing her teeth. All of them, except one.

I came to the dentist with only one shallow intention: I just wanted to have my bridge fixed. It was protruding in an ugly way, so I wanted to make it look better in time for my wedding. When my dentist was examining my teeth, he was already telling me that there was a chance that he might have to remove the teeth where the bridge was hanging on to. You could just imagine how nervous I was. If he removed those teeth, I’d be left with only one tooth.

Upon the removal of the bridge, I could see from the look on his face that I was in for the worst: I’d lose all my teeth at the age of 25.

I really could not understand why this had to happen. I told my dentist that ever since I lost some teeth and had to have partial dentures and bridges, I’ve been doing my best to take care of the remaining ones. I brushed my teeth and partial dentures regularly, and made sure nothing got stuck in between when I’m eating. I don’t chew gum. I don’t even attempt to bite hard food. So what went wrong?

Apparently, I lacked nutrition. It was the lack of calcium and vitamins that made my teeth extremely brittle. My workaholic schedule didn’t help too. And to make matters worse, I don’t drink vitamins regularly.

So there you have it. I now have an early and natural Halloween costume. It’s a good thing I work from home, else, going out in public would have been torture. I can’t even bring myself to look in the mirror.

A face with no teeth isn’t really that much of an issue for me (I’ll just be in hibernation here at home for the entire week till I get my dentures on Saturday). I can even tolerate the pain (I’ve gone through worse, actually). But the unbearable part of this ordeal is the fact that I can’t eat decent food.

Ever since last week, I haven’t had a decent meal. All I’ve been living on were soup, mashed potatoes, oatmeal, and more soup. Whenever my family eats lunch or dinner, my dad makes it a point to tell me that they’re going to be eating so I’ll have the option to eat my soup with them or just have my food in the computer room. I always choose the latter—it’s a real torture seeing but not being able to eat the yummy food my dad cooks.

I read in one of my sister’s teeny-bopper magazines that when you’re dieting, it doesn’t hurt to give in to your cravings once in a while—a little bit of that sinful chocolate cake won’t hurt. At least you’ll stop thinking about it and lessen the risk of you gorging yourself and ruining the diet. But in my case, it’s worse.

I can’t even eat anything that requires chewing. They’re not even sinful food!

And worse, I know it’s my fault that I can’t eat anything decent. If I’ve been more conscious about my health, I don’t think I’d lose my teeth.

My only consolation now is that I’ve lost a few pounds. And at the rate I’m going, I have a feeling I’d lose more within the month. Well, at least I’d look sexy wearing my wedding gown. But then, I guess that’s just me trying to make myself see the good out of this torturous ordeal 🙁

“Bawal magkasakit”

13 October 2006     •     8 Comments
Daily Dose

In English, this means “getting sick isn’t allowed.” And so it isn’t—especially when you have a lot to do. But I am 🙁

Marc had colds the past week, and he was worried that I would get it too. I got a bit annoyed—I wasn’t THAT delicate. But he calls me a “sick-ling,” somebody who contracts the flu or whatever from others easily.

Ok, so maybe I have quite a low body resistance. To be honest, I sometimes forget to drink my vitamins regularly. It’s pretty obvious that that has a lot to do with me being a sick-ling, but I guess one of the major reasons for this are my bad sleeping habit, and stress from work and the wedding planning.

I sleep at weird hours, but I know I get enough of it. Sometimes even more than enough. I just can’t help it—I work best at night when it’s quiet and the room temperature is comfortably cool. But I’ve been told more than once that sleeping at weird hours (ie. afternoon) isn’t the same as sleeping at night. Is that true? I haven’t really found anything written about that on the Net (or maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough), so any ideas on this would be very much welcome. I would really like to know why I seem to get sick easily, you know.

I guess stress being a source of sickness (or at least low body resistance) is pretty obvious. From Wikipedia, my all-time favorite source:

Whenever we encounter a stressful event, our bodies undergo a series of hormonal and biochemical changes that put as in a ‘fight or flight mode.’ Our heart rate increases, adrenaline rushes through our blood stream, and our digestive and immune systems temporarily shut down. If the stressors continue and we stay on high alert for a prolonged period of time, we experience exhaustion and burn out.

Well, that explains it 😛 My immune systems “temporarily shut down.”

I have to admit that I’ve been going back to my workaholic state once again, and it’s not really helping me get rid of this bad cold. I can’t help it. With our wedding so near, the pressure and excitement is just a bit overwhelming—I would rather work on my projects that think about them. I know it’s weird, but working (or just blogging and designing for fun) is my way of distracting myself. It doesn’t necessarily relieve the stress, but really, sometimes you got to choose the lesser of two evils. Wedding is a life-changing event, and thinking about it just scares the shit out of me.

Marc and I went out with some blogger friends last night, but the “de-stressing” was already a tad bit late. I was already starting to get the colds.

I don’t really have much of a problem working when a bit sick (with “a bit,” I mean, I’m not burning with fever or anything). After all, I do work from home. I can easily take a 1-hour nap when I feel the need to. But getting colds? I hate getting colds. Runny noses are just so irritating, especially when you suddenly ran out of tissue paper and you desperately needed to blow 🙁

Well, let’s just hope this bad cold blows over before my wedding—I don’t want to have a runny nose while saying “I do.” That’s just… Disgusting 😛

A mistaken potato identity

9 May 2006     •     3 Comments
Daily Dose

Marc and I went to Eastwood yesterday with his youngest sister, Diane, to watch Silent Hill (Mission Impossible will have to come later, waiting in the ticket line is IMPOSSIBLE), but we had to wait two hours for the showing. So we decided to eat first at Fuzion.Fuzion Smoothie Cafe is… a smoothie cafe. They usually serve finger food, but I was so starved I could eat a cow so I ordered a rice meal. Marc got a smoothie for the reason that we’re in a SMOOTHIE cafe, and Diane got this Potato Platter thingie. My Asian Barbecue was ok, but Diane’s potatoes were a bit weird.

We thought that the sour taste was part of the seasoning. At first we thought it was the sauce, but then I tried the potato alone, and it’s still tangy. So there’s the culprit: the potato! Well, since that was the first time we ever ate at Fuzion, we assumed that it really tastes that way.

Marc and I helped Diane finish her order, and when there were about 5 potato pieces left to eat, our waitress approached us and asked for feedback. I commented off-hand (and forever being tackless), “your food is good, but the potato is a bit sour. Kind of weird combination of herbs is it?” Then the waitress thanked me and left for the kitchen.

There was about 1 potato left when she approached us again. But this time, she was carrying a platter of twister fries. “Ma’am, compliments of the house for the sour potato you ate.”

What the f**k?!!!

So it wasn’t a “unique blend of herbs.” It was friggin’ bad!

Well, they were very apologetic about it. And they admitted it without me pointing it out intentionally. That’s a rare thing these days. There are very few restaurants or cafes that will do the same thing, and would probably even deny giving you bad food. Honest people in business is becoming a rarity these days. Most are just concerned with profit, and it’s a refreshing change to know that there still exists business people who value customer satisfaction.

If I get diarrhea out of this, well, at least I’m no longer constipated. 😆 Kidding.

Seriously though. I like their food. And their honestly made me like them even better. Regardless of my mistake in the potato’s identity (I ate a friggin’ bad potato and actually ENJOYED it!), I can honestly say that I’d eat at Fuzion again. I’d even recommend them to you guys… But just keep in mind that the potatoes in the Potato Platter SHOULDN’T be sour. If it is, ask for free twister fries! 😀

I feel constipated :(

28 April 2006     •     17 Comments
Daily Dose

I know most of you will agree with me when I say this: being constipated is one of the worst feelings in the world.

Wikipedia says:

Constipation or Irregularity, is a condition of the digestive system where a person (or animal) experiences hard feces that are difficult to eliminate; it may be extremely painful, and in severe cases (fecal impaction) lead to symptoms of bowel obstruction. Obstipation refers to severe constipation. Causes of constipation may be dietary, hormonal, a side effect of medications, and anatomical. Treatment is with a change in dietary habits, laxatives, fiber therapy, enemas, and rarely surgery.

I haven’t taken a shit in about three days already. Man, I so hope that the only treatment I’ll need is “change in dietary habits,” or even better, “laxatives.” Anyway, I’m pretty sure everyone has experienced feeling constipated at least once in their lives—if you haven’t, that’s kinda weird, or you just have an insanely healthy diet. Well, if you really haven’t, I’ll tell you.

You get this terrible feeling in your stomach (“blended” wastes wanting to go out), you sit on the toilet bowl, but then… Nothing comes out!!! Your friggin’ shit just won’t get out. I’ve been having that feeling for the past three days now, and it’s been a torture. I’ve been drinking gallons of water a day (ok, maybe I’m exaggerating, BUT STILL), but I still can’t shit properly. As much as possible, I try not to take laxatives, or anything that will force me to shit. Shitting way too often isn’t a happy feeling too, you know (I feel like I’m being drained when that happens). Well, if I STILL can’t shit properly by tomorrow, I’m taking laxatives.

Maybe it’s because of the coffee? Yeah, maybe that’s it.

Anyway, physical constipation isn’t the only thing that’s been bugging me. I think I’m also having a design and writing constipation too (commonly called Designer’s Block and Writer’s Block :D). The thoughts are there, but they just won’t come out in words. I’ve been working on a document for the WordPress Codex, and all I’ve come up with for the past week is just three measly lines—and they’re not even complete sentences! I’m far from done with my article for PixelBureau, and even my designing “speed” has decreased unreasonably. I can’t come up with new designs for the business my sister and I are putting up as well. I guess it’s lucky that I’ve been doing web/graphics design for almost 9 years now—I can’t afford having a constipation of that too! If that happens, I’m not only dead, but BROKE too 😛

I don’t know. Maybe I’m just really stressed out. And MAYBE I just need a movie fix to de-stress. Marc honey, are you reading this? 😀


21 December 2005     •     17 Comments
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The weirdest thing happened to me early this morning. I woke up at 4am, but snoozed on again while waiting for Marc. I remember getting up and going to the bathroom, as well as texting Marc to send me a message when he’s outside the gate already so the dogs won’t start barking and waking up the entire street. I also remember snoozing off for about an hour after that, and waking up at the sound of Marc’s text message around 10 minutes after 5. But I really don’t remember texting Marc at 5:03am.

And yet I did. I checked my Sent messages folder, and there it was: the incoherent text message. It didn’t make any sense, and had a lot of garbled words. Marc was telling me to try and remember why I sent it, but I really couldn’t. Weird huh? And even weirder is that when I sat down and tried to remember my dream before I woke up, texting Marc WAS in my dream. I just couldn’t recall WHY I texted him in the dream. Well, since it’s really hard to make sense of dreams, it didn’t bother me much. It was the fact I was “sleep-texting” that freaked me out.

I’ve heard of sleepwalking. I never met anybody who does that but I’ve read about it. I’ve also experienced overhearing somebody sleep-talk (Marc and my grandma). I even admit that I try to reply to text messages while half-asleep. My messages are garbled, but I am aware that I was texting somebody. This is the very first instance that I really couldn’t remember even holding my phone and using it to send a text message.

Have you guys heard of a similar instance? You know, doing something during sleep and remembering nothing of what happened? This really spooked me out, to tell you the truth. It’s WEIRD. I never really thought I’d do something like that P

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